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The Planning Section

  • Develops plans and programs to meet federal requirements; 
  • Implements regulations developed by the Air Quality & Climate Division; 
  • Performs necessary revisions of state air quality plans required by federal law;
  • Collects data and develops air pollutant emission inventories; 
  • Facilitates operation of the annual registration program for point sources of air pollution;
  • Performs computer modeling and other analyses needed for new programs or attainment / maintenance strategies; and 
  • Coordinates activities on issues such as air toxics, climate change, acid rain, visibility, and protection of air quality in Vermont's pristine areas.

For more information on toxic air pollutants and how they affect human health and the environment visit  the Hazardous Air Contaminants page.

Visit our Greenhouse Gas Emissions page for more information about our ongoing work to quantify GHG emissions.

Comments or Questions? - contact Bennet Leon (Planning Section Chief)