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Report an Aquatic Invasive Species

What to do if you may have found an Aquatic Invasive SpeciesAn image of watermilfoil.

  • Check the Infested Waterbodies List or the AIS Map to determine which invasive species are known in the waterbody. If an establishment of the species you have found is known, no further action is required. If the species is unknown, continue to the next step.
  • If you identified a species that is not on the list of waterbodies known to have aquatic invasive species, or a new potential threat to Vermont, or are unsure of the identification, within two days either:
    • Take several photographs. Include a view of the entire plant or animal as well as a close-up of the leaves, plant or aniaml parts, or other relevant information. Please include a ruler, or a common object within the photo to demonstrate the scale of the specimen. Email these pictures to, or text photos to (802) 490-6120. In your message, include the suspected identification and the name of the waterbody it came from. Press or freeze the specimen in the event it cannot be identified from the photographs.
    • And/Or, mail the plant. Wrap the plant specimen in a wet paper towel and place it into a sealable plastic bag. If there is more than one species, wrap them individually. If the specimen is an animal, please use a small jar or bottle to send the specimen. Fill out a Specimen Submission Form and follow the mailing directions on the form.

If you have questions, contact Kimberly Jensen at or 802-490-6120.