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Aquatic Invasive Species Map

The map below is a visual representation of aquatic invasive species population data, associated management actions, and spread prevention efforts statewide. The navigation menu found in the upper left can be used to filter the map based on the following layers: Public Access Greeter Programs, Vermont Invasive Patroller programs, AIS signage and public access information, AIS control efforts, and AIS status by waterbody. The AIS status by waterbody layer indicates known populations of high-profile AIS, and those waters where no AIS has been confirmed by DEC staff. Each map symbol/waterbody delineation can be clicked to provide further details. For convenience, the open box symbol in the upper right allows the map to be viewed in a full-screen window. 

The Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Map is updated annually. In 2024 before the field season, the AIS Map will be updated to include Wakeboat Eligible Waterbodies and information on locations of decontamination units. Please direct any questions, comments, or concerns about inaccuracies in the map to DEC AIS Management Specialist Kimberly Jensen.