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Registration of TNC Water Systems

All properties that meet one the following desciptions must register with the DWGWPD: 

  • Proposed/new construction of a TNC water system;
  • Renovation or modification of an existing property into a TNC water system;
  • Property transfer or purchase of an existing TNC water system; or
  • Pre-existing property that was previously unregulated but meets the definition of a TNC water system.

Registration Process

  1. Use the Permit Navigator tool to identify the required environmental permits and approvals for projects on a single parcel. If it is a linear, polygon, or multi-parcel project, contact a Community Assistance Specialist to get started;

  2. Contact the TNC Program:
    1. For a proposed or pre-existing TNC water system, the TNC Program will work with you to determine if the facility meets the definition of a public TNC water system;
    2. For a property transfer, the TNC Program will work with you to verify that the property still qualifies as a public TNC water system and determine if any permits are required based on any proposed changes of use, modifications, or renovations.
  3. If this a new public TNC water system, complete the Public Water Supply Survey Form to obtain a Water System Identification (WSID) Number from the DWGWPD.
  4. Obtain the required Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply, Source, and/or Construction Permits for the construction of or proposed modifications to the water system’s source(s), treatment, storage, and distribution system based on approved design demands;
  5. Comply with the requirements of the New System Letter:
    1. Provide current contact information by completing the Water System Officials Contact Form;
    2. Obtain a certified operator;
    3. Obtain an Operating Permit;
    4. Complete water quality monitoring.

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