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Disposal & Recycling of Mercury-Containing Thermostats

Thermostats are commonly found in most homes and are also used for commercial applications as a means of regulating room temperature.

Mercury-containing thermostats should not be disposed of in the regular trash.



Recycling Your Old Mercury-Containing Thermostats

In 2008, mercury thermostat collection legislation was passed requiring thermostat manufactures to establish collection programs for contractor and consumer-generated mercury thermostats and providing a financial incentive of $5.00 for turning in a mercury thermostat for recycling.

How can you participate in the program? Bring your mercury-containing thermostat to any of the locations listed below and receive either an in-store credit (at retail locations) or a coupon that can be mailed in to receive $5.00 reimbursement check - it's that simple. (Note: No other mercury-containing products are accepted as a part of this program.)

If you have any questions regarding this program, visit Thermostat Recycling, or call toll free 1-855-632-9253 or 802-522-5736.


To find a site near you, go to the Thermostat Recycling Corporation and type your zip code in the blue box titled "Collection Site Near You."

Identifying Thermostats Containing Mercury

To determine if your thermostat contains a mercury switch, remove the front cover. Once the cover is removed you should be able to locate one or more glass ampoules (switches) that contain a silver liquid (mercury).

Alternatives to Mercury-Containing Thermostats

Electronic thermostats, which are mercury-free, are available. The best alternative is to use what are called programmable thermostats. These thermostats can be programmed to keep the temperature of a house a certain level depending on the time of day and the season. Programmable thermostats are encouraged for energy savings.

Resources for Collectors Only

For more information contact Danielle Myers, Operations & Compliance Manager, Thermostat Recycling Corporation Desk 267.513.1726 | Cell 267.524.2383 | Fax 703.852.7202