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Septic System SocialThrough a neighborhood gathering, homeowners learn about the options for a well functioning septic system and the good maintenance practices, including household products that are kind to septic systems.

Septic Socials were developed by Washington State Sea Grant to help homeowners become familiar with septic systems and their maintenance.  The event provides an informal opportunity for people who may never have seen a septic system to learn about them.  The host, the local Lake Leader, or an avid lake steward opens the gathering by talking about the importance of water quality protection.  A septic system specialist discusses operation and maintenance of septic systems using the host homeowner’s system as the demonstration model.  Attendees are provided with brochures and other resource materials to take home.

The feedback from these socials in other states has been positive.  Washington Sea Grant and watershed groups in York County, Maine have found that most attendees go home and put what they have learned into practice, with many getting tanks pumped or systems repaired as a result.  It’s a win-win situation – homeowners can save money and avoid costly emergency repairs while protecting surface water quality with a properly managed system.

To Hold a Septic Social

A Preparation Package (planning timeline, examples of invitations for hosts and guests, and a follow-up letter) 
An Agenda for the Social (also, talking points for the specialists who lead the presentations) 
A copy of Septic Smart, an on-line print-ready guide developed by the EPA for homeowners 
A copy of “Septic System Primer”, the Lake Wise shoreland Best Management Practices Fact Sheet. 

More Resources and Information 

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