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Natural Disasters and Man-Made Contaminants

Drought – The prospect of limited to severe drought has increased over the years.  In recent memory we have experienced short and long term drought conditions – from very dry summers to 1-2 years.  The mid-1960s, up to recent – 2001, 2015-16.  The ANR Drought Plan has been incorporated into the State Emergency Operations Plan.  

Other Helpful websites:

Meeting Minutes from the Drought Task Force 2018

Flood – For information on Flood Hazards and USGS Water Resources

Geology and Hazards –  For information on Landslides

PFOA/PFOS Info – For information regarding Vermont's PFOA Contamination Response

Emerging Chemical of Concern – Chemicals of concern that do not have EPA or State derived health based standards already in rule are being identified and evaluated in Vermont through Act 154 Chemical Use Working Group.