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Source Water Protection

topographic water source map

Since 1992, a Public Community and Non-Transient, Non-Community Water System must have an approved Source Protection Plan (SPP). This Plan addresses the actions the public water system will perform to minimize the contaminant risks to their drinking water supply source(s). This is also necessary in order to receive an Operating Permit,  Phase II/V Monitoring Waiver,  and/or Phase II/V Monitoring Waiver Renewal. The water system is required to submit an updated plan to the Division every three years for approval.

Source Protection Area (SPA)
Area of land that likely recharges or passes groundwater through it to the public water source, and the basis of the activities that the water system will perform to minimize contamination and are identified in the SPP.

Fact Sheets

Submitting a Source Protection Plan (SPP)

Electronic Submittal Procedure for SPAs: Format is to be used for all submittals of a new or changed SPA and is to be included along with the Source Evaluation Final Report.

Updating SPPs
All SPP update submittals must be submitted on a CD or electronically and include the complete plan and all maps or a scanned PDF of the complete updated plan, submitted electronically, is acceptable. Every PCWS and NTNC needs to maintain a copy of its current SPP in its files, as to actively implement it.

Source Protection Loan Program

The source protection loan program can be used to purchase land or conservation easements to protect public water sources, existing and future, and ensure compliance with state and federal drinking water standards. Water systems must have a current and approved Source Protection Plan or have submitted the plan update that is due to the Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division prior to loan application. Loans are limited to Municipal Public Community Water Systems; this includes fire districts. The funding is based on a fifty percent (50%) loan and fifty percent (50%) grant (subsidy). There is no annual interest rate (0%) on the loan balance and a maximum loan term of twenty (20) years. There is no Administration Fee.

Applications are reviewed three times a year and are subject to fund availability.

  • Funding Cycle 1, Application Deadline March 15th
  • Funding Cycle 2, Application Deadline July 15th
  • Funding Cycle 3, Application Deadline November 15th


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