SRF Guidance Documents

List of Guidance Documents

Table of SRF Guidance Documents
1 Priority List Applications- Eligible applicants must apply every year to the Project Priority List in order to access construciton loan funds.   Combined CW/DW
2 Priority List Development and Application Processing- Outlines the process SRF staff take to produce a draft and final list, and includes a description of the priority ranking system.   DW


3 Fund Availability Notification- Notifies applicant that funds are available and outlines key deadlines for document submission   Combined CW/DW
4 Project Bypass Procedures- Details project bypass procedures used to meet state and/or federal funding requirements   Combined CW/DW
5 Loan Application- There is one loan application for all types of loan applicants and funding sources   Combined CW/DW
6 Loan Application Review and Approval- Process SRF staff used to process and approve a loan   Combined CW/DW
7 Municipal Authority to Execute Loans- Statutory reference that gives authority to Municipalities to enter into loan agreements   Combined CW/DW
8 Loan Eligibility- Outlines eligible loan costs includeing for system expansion, project management, admisitrative and legal fees, and system purchase   DW


9 Engineering Allowance for DWSRF Projects- Procedures for engineering services agreements, engineering fee curve allowances, standard aand non-standard tasks (For CW see #33 below.)   DW

Loan Terms for DWSRF: Link at right = guidance document on process for determinining Loan Term, Interest Rate, Administrative Fee, and Loan Repayments. Table of available loan rates and terms (last updated 9/23/19). Interest and fee rates were updated per a memo to the State Treasurer in 2020. 

11 Median Household Income Determination- Outlines how the SRF programs determine MHI in a given community, including procedure for conducting an income survey. MHI data table as of 2019 ACS.   Combined CW/DW
12 Preliminary Engineering Report- SRF staff review procedures   DW


13 Annual Operation and Maintenance Costs, Equivalent Units and Existing Debt Annual- Outlines the three primary elements in determining the loan term and interest rate. Applies to Drinking Water loans only   DW
14 Project Cost Estimate Adjustments and Loan Amount Adjustments- Procedure for adjusting approved loan amounts   Combined CW/DW
15 Environmental Review- Procedure for review and approval of required Environmental Report/Environmental Information Document (ER/EI for all SRF funded construction projects)   DW



Emergency Projects- Procedure for placing a project on the DW priority list, thereby bypassing other projects

Emergency Projects- Procedure for requesting consideration for placing a project on the CW priority list, thereby bypassing other projects.




17 Archeological and Historic Properties Review- Reference to the MOU with the State Histroic Preservation Officer (SHPO) for review of archaeological and historic properties as part of the    DW
18 Project Design Review for Petroleum Contamination and Hazardous Waste Sites- Procedure for when petroleum contamination is involved at a site where SRF funds will be used   DW
19 Canadian Border Projects- Outlines procedures for funding projects that serve populations on both sides of the border   DW
20 5-Year Municipal Bond Construction Loans- Procedure for municipalities that want to authorize loan for a term 5 years or less and a value of more than $75,000.   Combined CW/DW
21 Municipal Construction Loans less than $75,000 or Loan Increases less than $75,000- Statutory reference to municipalities' abilitiy to authorize loan increases and SRF review and approval of such actions.   Combined CW/DW
22 Planning Loan Forgiveness - For DWSRF planning loans from the WPL account to municipalities only.   DW
23 DWSRF Loan Capacity Reviews- Procedure for determining the technical, managerial and financial capacity of an entity that applies for a DWSRF loan. Applies to Drinking Water loans only.   DW
24 School Loan Forgiveness- Procedure for forgiveness for municipally-owned school construction loans. Applies to Drinking Water loans only.   DW
25 Procurement Guidelines- Procedure the Construction Engineering Section takes when bidding and procuring goods and services for projects using SRF funds.   DW
26 Asset Management Plan- Criteria for an acceptable Asset Management Plan. Applies to Drinking Water loans only. Clean Water Asset Management Plans are defined in Chapter 2.   DW
27 Request for Qualifications- Procurement guidelines for Architectural/Engineering Services. Applies to Clean Water loans only.   CW
28 Joint Funded Projects- USDA-RD and SRF   DW
29 American Iron and Steel   Combined CW/DW
30 Fiscal Sustainability Plan- Applies to Clean Water loans only   CW
31 Lead Subsidy Policy for DWSRF (draft)   DW
32 Basis of Final Design Guidance Document   CW
33 Engineering Fee Curve Guidance Document & Fee Curve Calculator   CW
34 Project Cost Summaries (Pending) & Project Cost Summary Template   Combined CW/DW
35 Prohibition on Certain Telecommunications Equipment   Combined CW/DW
36 Growth Center and Growth Management Guidance Document  & Draft Checklist    CW
37 Floodplain Guidance Document (Pending)   Combined CW/DW