Construction Permits

Permit to Construct

Construction Permit is required for all new public water system proposals and for any existing improvements, major repairs, or expansion to an existing public water system. In addition, In-state bottled and bulk water collection, treatment and distribution facilities are required to obtain a construction permit prior to construction of or modification to existing infrastructure. Under Act 150, public notice is required for all permits with applications deemed administratively complete after January 1, 2018. For construction permits, draft permit notification shall be posted on the ENB for a minimum of 14 days prior to issuance or denial of the permit application.

Engineer’s Certification for Water Line Replacement and Extension Projects:

 A detailed technical review of each application for a construction permit is conducted by engineering staff.  In 2009, this practice was modified for certain types of low risk projects to accept an engineer’s self-certification that the design complies with the Water Supply Rule standards in lieu of a detailed technical review by the Division.  At the option of the applicant and the applicant’s professional engineer, the engineer may include a statement (see below) with the application for the permit to construct for certain distribution system projects, such as line replacement and extensions that consist only of piping and valving.  If the statement below is included with the application, the DWGWPD may waive a detailed technical review of the application, provided the Division has determined that a waiver is appropriate because of the simplicity of the engineering design. 

"I hereby certify in the exercise of my reasonable professional judgment, the design-related information submitted with this application is true and correct, and the design included in this application for a permit complies with the Vermont Water Supply Rules."