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Wastewater Program Contact Information

Direct Discharge and Pretreatment Wastewater Facility Assignments

For information about private water systems or home septic systems, please contact the Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division's Regional Office staff assigned to your location.

The State of Vermont Wastewater Program has reorganized to accommodate a new structure.

To reach the Program Manager contact Amy Polaczyk by email or phone 802-490-6185.

To reach the Program Compliance and Enforcement Specialist contact Garrett Walsh by email or phone 802-490-6224.

The table below contains the new division of assignments for direct discharge and pretreatment facilities.

For permitting of new direct discharge facilities, please contact Amy Polaczyk at


Heather Collins

Pretreatment Coordinator

Preston Myatt

Pretreatment Analyst

Ashley Hellman

Pretreatment – ARPA Analyst

Caledonia  Addison Primary contact for the ARPA – Pretreatment Initiative statewide. Responsible for awarding ARPA grant funds to municipalities and industrial users for wastewater-pretreatment projects.

Chittenden Facilities: 

  • Fiddlehead Brewing
  • Stone Corral, LLC
  • Zero Gravity Craft Brewery
  • Burlington High School

Chittenden Facilities: 

  • Chittenden Solid Waste District
  • Edlund Company
  • Four Quarters Brewing, LLC
  • Collins Inc SB - Taft Corners Jolley
Orleans Essex
Washington Franklin
  Grand Isle
Direct Discharge
Contact Facility Assignments
Michelle Kolb
Direct Discharge Section Supervisor

Windsor County

Jamie Bates

Addison County
Essex County
Grand Isle County
Chittenden County Facilities:

  • Champlain Water District (S. Burlington)
  • Global Foundries
  • Greer Family LLC (S. Burlington)
  • Hinesburg
  • IBM (Essex)
  • Richmond
  • S D Ireland - Green Acres Quarry (S. Burlington)
  • South Burlington - Airport Parkway
  • South Burlington - Bartlett Bay
Aaron Krymkowski
Phone: 802-490-6184

Bennington County
Lamoille County
Rutland County Municipal Facilities
Chittenden County Facilities:

  • Burlington Electric
  • Burlington Main
  • Burlington North
  • Burlington Riverside
  • Essex Junction
  • Fortieth Burlington LLC
  • Global Companies (Burlington)
  • Milton
  • Shelburne 1 - Crown Road
  • Shelburne 2 - Harbor Road
  • St. Michaels College - Colchester Lime Quarry
  • Whitcomb Construction (Colchester)
  • Winooski
Sherri Kasten
Phone: 802-490-6182

Caledonia County
Windham County
Washington County Facilities:

  • Cabot
  • Marshfield
  • Waterbury
  • Northfield
John Merrifield
Phone: 802-490-6188

Franklin County
Orange County
Orleans County
Rutland County Industrial Facilities
Washington County Facilities:

  • Barre City
  • Montpelier
  • Montpelier Swimming Pool
  • Montpelier Water Treatment Plant
  • Plainfield
  • Rock of Ages
  • Waterbury Water Treatment Plant
  • Worcester FD1