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Implementation of Electronic Discharge Monitoring Reports

This site will be updated as the new reporting system is rolled out. Please check back periodically for updates.


Vermont is preparing to comply with the USEPA’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Electronic Reporting Rule, which will modernize Clean Water Act reporting for municipalities, industries and other facilities. The rule was published in the Federal Register on October 22, 2015 and replaces most paper-based NPDES reporting requirements with electronic reporting.

Specifically, the rule requires regulated entities to report information electronically, instead of filing written paper reports. These reports include:

  • Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs)
  • Notices of Intent to discharge in compliance with a general permit
  • Other specified program reports.

The rule does not change what information is required. It only changes the method by which information is provided (i.e., electronic rather than paper-based).

The rule also requires the State of Vermont to share data electronically with EPA. The data to be shared includes data received from regulated entities, along with compliance monitoring (e.g., inspection), violation determination, and enforcement actions.


The final NPDES Electronic Reporting Rule allows the State and permittees to take advantage of advances in information technology, enhances efforts to provide meaningful data to the public, and supports EPA’s nation-wide effort to move from paper to electronic reporting. It is anticipated that the rule will save time and resources for permittees, states, and EPA while increasing data accuracy, improving compliance, and supporting the goal of providing better protection of the nation’s waters. 

ANR Online - Electronic Reporting Tool

The Department is working with a contractor to develop a web-based electronic reporting tool.  This tool will require a computer, an Internet browser (e.g., Microsoft Internet Explorer), and high-speed access to the Internet (i.e., DSL, fiber optic). The tool will transmit data to VT and eventually to EPA securely, requiring passwords and known responses to security questions. This tool is designed to provide electronic submittals with the same level of legal dependability as paper submittals.

The electronic reporting tool is built on the Agency of Natural Resources’ Online Services Portal (ANR Online). This portal is currently used by WWTFs to submit incident reports of untreated discharges that reach waters of the State (such as combined sewer overflows, disinfection system failures, collection system overflows, line breaks, etc.). All regulated entities will be required to create an ANR Online account to submit electronic monitoring reports.

How to Register

Guidance Documents


The Wastewater Program will be providing training in collaboration with the Vermont Rural Water Association on the new electronic reporting requirements.  This training course will walk-through the department’s new electronic reporting system to be used by facilities to submit discharge monitoring reports (WR-43 forms) and incident reports of untreated discharges that reach waters of the state (CSOs, line breaks, etc.).

Training Available Upon Request:

For additional training on eDMR submittal through ANRonline, please contact your Wastewater Regional Facility Technician.


The Rule allows for temporary or emergency waivers from electronic reporting under limited circumstances.  As we move closer to the effective date, more information will be distributed about eligibility requirements for a waiver.  Waivers will be granted in limited circumstances.  If you have limited or no internet connectivity at your facility, please contact: 

Implementation Schedule

There are two phases of the rule, which are being implemented over a five-year period.  Please note that the Implementation Schedule has changed:

Electronic reporting for regulated entities will be phased-in between March 15 and June 15, 2017.

To best assist facilities in using this new electronic reporting tool, the Department has decided to implement a phased roll-out. Department staff will work with facilities during March 15 – June 15, 2017 to ensure each facility successfully moves to electronic reporting.  Department staff will be in contact with facilities to notify them when to begin electronic reporting and be available to offer assistance.  Facilities should continue to submit monitoring reports in paper until further information has been provided.

Phase 1 – Starting on February 15, 2017:

  1. Regulated entities that currently submit Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) will begin submitting these reports electronically, instead of on paper.  Electronic reporting for regulated entities with be phased-in between March 15 and June 15, 2017.  Wastewater Program staff will notify facilities of their electronic reporting date.   
  2. In Spring 2017, Vermont will begin sharing compliance monitoring (e.g., inspection), violation determination, and enforcement action data with the EPA electronically.

Phase 2 – Starting on December 21, 2023:

Regulated entities that currently submit certain other NPDES reports will begin submitting these reports electronically. Reports covered in the second phase include:

  1. Notices of Intent to discharge in compliance with an NPDES general permit
  2. Biosolids/Sewage Sludge Annual Program Reports submitted to DEC
  3. Other NPDES program reports

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