Wastewater Program Contact Information

Direct Discharge Wastewater Facility Assignments

The State of Vermont Wastewater Program has reorganized to accommodate a new structure.

To reach the Program Manager contact Amy Polaczyk by email amy.polaczyk@vermont.gov or phone 802-490-6185.

All pretreatment facilities are assigned to Nicholas Giannetti (nick.giannetti@vermont.gov, 802-490-6186)

The table below contains the new division of assignments for direct discharge facilities. For permitting of new direct discharge facilities, please contact Amy Polaczyk at  amy.polaczyk@vermont.gov.

Environmental Analyst Direct Discharge Facility Assignments
Jamie Bates

Addison County
Essex County
Grand Isle County
Windsor County Municipal Facilities
Chittenden County Facilities:

  • Champlain Water District (S. Burlington)
  • Global Foundries
  • Greer Family LLC (S. Burlington)
  • Hinesburg
  • IBM (Essex)
  • Milton
  • S D Ireland - Green Acres Quarry (S. Burlington)
  • South Burlington - Airport Parkway
  • South Burlington - Bartlett Bay
David DiDomenico
Phone: 802-490-6184
Email: david.didomenico@vermont.gov

Bennington County
Lamoille County
Rutland County Municipal Facilities
Chittenden County Facilities:

  • Burlington Electric
  • Burlington Main
  • Burlington North
  • Burlington Riverside
  • Essex Junction
  • Fortieth Burlington LLC
  • Global Companies (Burlington)
  • Richmond
  • Shelburne 1 - Crown Road
  • Shelburne 2 - Harbor Road
  • St. Michaels College - Colchester Lime Quarry
  • Whitcomb Construction (Colchester)
  • Winooski
Kathleen Parrish
Phone: 802-490-6182
Email: kathleen.parrish@vermont.gov

Caledonia County
Windham County
Windsor County Industrial Facilities
Washington County Facilities:

  • Cabot
  • Marshfield
  • Waterbury
  • Northfield
John Merrifield
Phone: 802-490-6188
Email: john.merrifield@vermont.gov

Franklin County
Orange County
Orleans County
Rutland County Industrial Facilities
Washington County Facilities:

  • Barre City
  • Montpelier
  • Montpelier Swimming Pool
  • Montpelier Water Treatment Plant
  • Plainfield
  • Rock of Ages
  • Waterbury Water Treatment Plant
  • Worcester FD1

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