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ANR Flood Recovery Resources

Find updates and information on the recent flood.

Permittee Information

MS4 Permit Authorizations

When an MS4's application for the MS4 General Permit is approved, the Agency issues an 'MS4 Permit Authorization' to that municipality.  The approved authorizations can be viewed on the link below.  In addition, under the MS4 Permit, municipalities may incorporate stormwater systems within their municipality that were previously permitted under an operational stormwater permit.  A list of the previously permitted stormwater systems that have been incorporated by the MS4s is included in each municipality's authorization. 

Permit Authorizations for MS4 Permittees

MS4 Websites and Plans

Permittee website Stormwater management program plans Flow restoration plans Annual report       
City of Burlington Burlington SWMP Englesby FRP, (See S. Burlington SWMP for Centennial and Potash Brooks) Burlington 2018
Burlington International Airport BTV SWMP BTV FRP (See BTV SWMP) BTV 2018
Town of Colchester Colchester SWMP Morehouse FRP, Sunderland FRP Colchester 2018
Town of Essex Essex SWMP Indian FRP, Sunderland FRP Essex 2018
Village of Essex Junction Essex Junction SWMP Indian FRP, Sunderland FRP Essex Jct 2018
Town of Milton Milton SWMP   Milton 2018
Town of Rutland Town of Rutland SWMP Moon FRP Town of Rutland 2018
City of St. Albans City of St. Albans SWMP Rugg FRP, Stevens FRP City St. Albans 2018
Town of St. Albans Town of St. Albans SWMP Rugg FRP, Stevens FRP Town of St. Albans 2018
Town of Shelburne Shelburne SWMP Munroe FRP (See Shelburne SWMP) Shelburne 2018
City of South Burlington S.Burlington SWMP Bartlett FRP, Centennial FRP, Englesby FRP, Munroe FRP, Potash FRP (See S. Burlington SWMP) S.Burlington 2018
University of Vermont UVM SWMP UVM FRP (See UVM SWMP) UVM 2018
Town of Williston Williston SWMP Allen FRP Williston 2018
City of Winooski Winooski SWMP Morehouse FRP Winooski 2018

MS4 Partners

Rethink Runoff

Rethink Runoff is an ongoing campaign managed by the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission to assist several municipalities and entities to meet Minimum Control Measures 1 and 2 of the Vermont MS4 Permit. The effort represents the unification of two previously separate permit-driven efforts: the Regional Stormwater Education Program (RSEP) and the Chittenden County Stream Team (CCST).  More information can be found at Rethink Runoff

Northwest Regional Planning Commission

Stormwater Assistance