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Next Generation Lake Assessment Reports

Next Generation Lake Assessment

The Next Generation Lake Assessment (NGLA) is a comprehensive, quantitative survey of a lake's condition which typically takes place over a one-to-two-day period during the summer months. These assessments, which began in 2010, collect data on a suite of physical, chemical and biological parameters from three areas within a lake or pond: the deep open water ‘index site’, ten randomly distributed shoreland and littoral habitat sites, and the inlets and outlet (see figures 1 and 2 as well as the complete list of parameters below). This survey is intended to provide a snapshot of the lake’s water quality, aquatic habitat potential, and physical conditions which, when assessed along with longer-term trend data, provide an excellent understanding of a lake’s ability to support recreational and habitat uses and what the principal stressors to a lake’s water quality are. 

The NGLA reports (see table below) are intended to be interactive reports that, by clicking on different features on screen, can provide the user with a comprehensive description of what’s going on in their lake.

Parameters measured in Next Generation Lake Assessment
Parameter Location(s) Measured
Total Hardness (mg/L), Regular Alkalinity (mg/L), Total Calcium (mg/L), Total Magnesium (mg/L), Total Potassium (mg/L) Total Sodium (mg/L), Turbidity (NTU), Chlorophyll a (ug/L), Secchi (M), Dissolved Organic Carbon and Sediment Diatom Taxonomy Index site
Conductivity (uS/cm), Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L & % saturation), pH, Temperature (C), Total Nitrogen (mg/L), Total Phosphorus (ug/L)P, Total Chloride (mg/L) Index site, Tributaries and Outlet
Physical habitat complexity, shallow water habitat, lakeshore habitat, lakeshore disturbance, embeddedness, shading 10 random sites around the lake
Crayfish 3 sites with good crayfish habitat
Area and depth of deltas, Aquatic plant and algae % cover, note three dominant macrophyte species Tributaries

On the left is an aerial image of Island Pond with colored dots for 10 physical habitat locations.  On the right is a schematic of a physical habitat and benthic sampling station.

Next Generation Lake Assessment Reports
Lake Town Lake Area
Abenaki Thetford 44
Bald Hill 2011
Bald Hill 2017
Westmore 108
Beaver (Holland) Holland 40
Beebe (Sunderland) Sunderland 8
Beecher Brighton 15
Big Muddy Eden 17
Blake (Sutton) 2011
Blake (Sutton) 2017
Sutton 8
Branch Sunderland  
Buck Woodbury 39
Carmi Franklin 1402
Caspian Greensboro 789
Cedar Monkton 123
Center Newark 79
Champlain - Port Henry Ferrisburgh 9302
Chandler Wheelock 68
Chittenden Chittenden 702
Cranberry Meadow Woodbury 28
Crescent Sharon 20
Crystal (Barton) Barton 763
Echo (Charleston) Charleston  
Echo (Hubdtn) Hubbardton 54
Fairlee Fairlee  
Ferrisburgh Ferrisburgh  
Forest (Calais) Calais 133
Fosters Peacham 61
Gillett Richmond 30
Glen Castleton 206
Great Averill Averill 828
Green River Hyde Park 554
Groton Groton 422
Grout Stratton  
Hartwell Hartwell 16
High (Sudbury) 2011
High (Sudbury) 2017
High (Sudbury) 2018
High (Sudbury) 2018
Sudbury 20
Holland 2011
Holland 2017
Holland 325
Howe Readsboro  
Jobs 2013
Jobs 2014
Westmore 39
Kettle 2012
Kettle 2014
Groton 109
Keyser Chelsea 7
Knapp Brook Number 1 Cavendish 25
Lily (Vernon) Vernon 41
Little (Elmore) Elmore 14
Little (Wells) Wells 467
Little (Winhall) Winhall 18
Little (Averill) 2012
Little (Averill) 2013
Little (Averill) 2017 1
Little (Averill) 2017 2
Averill 162
Little Hosmer 2011
Little Hosmer 2017
Craftsbury 180
Little Salem Derby  
Long (Greensboro)
Long (Greensboro)
Greensboro 100
Long (Sheffield) 2011
Long (Sheffield) 2017
Sheffield 38
Long (Westmore) Westmore 90
Maidstone Maidstone 745
Marlboro Marlboro 10
Memphremagog Newport Town 5966
Miles 2012
Miles 2017 1
Miles 2017 2
Concord 215
Mile 2012
Mile 2017
Ferdinand 26
Miller Strafford 64
Mitchell Sharon 28
Mollys Falls Cabot 397
Morey Fairlee  
Mud (Hyde Park) Hyde Park 14
Mud (Leicester) Leicester 23
Mud (Peacham) Peacham 34
Mud (Westmore) Westmore 9
NHD Sharon  
Ninevah Mt Holly 171
NOJO; Danville  
Norton Norton 583
Orwell Orwell  
Parker Glover 250
Peacham Peacham 340
Pico Killington  
Pigeon Groton 69
Pine Castleton 40
Raponda Wilmington  
Rescue Ludlow 184
Richmond 2012
Richmond 2017
Richmond 24
Ritterbush Eden 14
Rood Williamstown 23
Round (Holland) Holland 14
Round (Sheffield) 2011
Round (Sheffield) 2014
Round (Sheffield) 2017
Sheffield 13
Salem Derby 764
Schofield 2011
Schofield 2017
Hyde Park 29
Seymour Morgan 1769
Shadow (Glover) Glover 210
Shippee Whitingham 24
Silver (Leictr) 2012
Silver (Leictr) 2017
Leicester 101
South America Ferdinand 29
South Richford Richford 12
Spruce (Orwell) 2011
Spruce (Orwell) 2017
Spruce (Wilmington) Wilmington 12
Stannard 2011
Stannard 2017
Stannard 25
Stratton Ski Area Winhall  
Sunset (Benson) Benson 202
Thompsons Pownal 28
Tuttle (Hardwick) Hardwick 21
Unknown (Averys Gore) Avery's Gore 19
Vail 2011
Vail 2017
Sutton 16
Vondell Woodstock 10
Walker (Coventry) Coventry 18
Wallingford Wallingford 87
Weatherhead Hollow Guilford  
WEST FAIRLEE; West Fairlee 15
Willoughby Westmore 1687
Woodward Plymouth 106
Wrightsville Middlesex 190
Zack Woods 2011
Zack Woods 2017
Hyde Park 23