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Wastewater System & Potable Water Supply Permit Application FAQ


Where do I list the Applicant Info?

Question: I have a project where the person who is responsible to file the application, provide the information necessary to obtain the permit, is different than the landowner. Where do I list this person?
Answer: All persons who are not landowners who need to obtain copies of all correspondence and decisions shall be entered in “Primary Contact”. This can be a lessee; representative of a corporation who is filing the application for the corporation; president of a homeowner’s association; person representing a trust or has power of attorney.

How do I list an accessory building or toilet?

Question: I have a project that has an existing single family residence and a detached garage on the lot. The application is to place a toilet and lavatory in a detached building for use by the occupants of the residence.  What do I list as design flows?
Answer: When the use of a detached building is by the occupants of the single family residence on that lot and is not intended for use by or required to be provided for the public, the design flow will be 0 gallons per day if the wastewater from the toilet and lavatory discharges to the wastewater system serving the single family residence.

Do I list SPAN, Parcel ID, or book/page for proposed lots?

Question: I have an existing lot with an existing single family residence. The project is to subdivide the lot into three lots. I entered the Parcel ID and SPAN for the original lot. Do I reenter the Parcel ID and SPAN with the new lot that has the existing residence?
Answer: Check with the Town the lot is located. If the Town is assigning the existing Parcel ID and SPAN to the new lot with the existing residence, then yes, enter the Parcel ID and SPAN. If the Town has not assigned each lot a Parcel ID and SPAN to any of the lots, then leave the information blank.

Why can't I download my submission?

Question: I am filing an application and am having performance issue with nForm when downloading the submission as a zip file.
Answer: We are dealing with it. Our system was overloaded with activity which we think led to the performance issue.

How do I print the application?

Question: I like to print out the application for the landowner prior to submitting it.  How am I supposed to do this?
Answer: You can print an application by first "viewing" it and then clicking the [Print Submission] button.  Here is a visual guide.