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5-Year Permit Renewal

If it is five years from your last registration (expires on 6/30/2023), which includes the submission of full disclosure documentation. Due by May 1, 2023.

  • Go to ANROnline and click Sign In (top right). Your user ID is your email.
  • Once you are signed in, use Form Finder (left) to locate the “Waste Transportation Vehicle Report” application form.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the "Waste Transportation Vehicle Report" and enter your transporter ID (look it up on this List of Permitted Solid Waste Haulers if necessary). 
  • When you click “begin form entry” ANROnline will tell you when your existing 5-year permit expires; if it says 6/30/23, you are due for the 5-year permit renewal (not annual renewal).
  • In the dropdown, choose “5-Year Permit Renewal” and Permit year 2023-2024”.
  • Go through the steps, such as confirming company/contact info, waste type, destination facility, vehicle info, etc.
  • You must complete and notarize the following forms, scan them and copy/paste the files into ANROnline:
    (These are fillable PDFs - right-click the form link and choose 'Save link as....' to save a copy to your computer before completing.)
  • ​Submit the ANROnline form when complete and the online payment portal will come up.
  • Additional Forms you may need - If you haul septage, or haul non-hazardous waste out-of-state for disposal, scroll down THIS PAGE to complete the applicable forms, such: as Franchise Tax forms, or Septage hauler fees & reporting. Submit these forms to appropriate staff or department listed on the forms.