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Lake Morey

Lake Morey 8-8-2022

Lake Morey is one of Vermont’s jewels. Nestled among hills in the town of Fairlee, this 550-acre lake is a popular destination for anglers, birders, boaters, and campers.

During August-October 2022, Lake Morey’s summer recreational season was cut short by an intense, prolonged cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) bloom, causing many to ask what actions had been taken to improve water quality and what else could be done. In the 1970's and early 1980's cyanobacteria blooms also "severely interfered with recreational use of the lake", and this prompted a diagnostic-feasibility study completed in 1984 that led to a successful alum treatment in 1986 to control internal phosphorus loading from the lake sediments. Nearly 40 years later, a new sediment study was completed in January 2023 that recommended another alum treatment. Also, continued lake and tributary water quality monitoring has led to VT DEC funding a Lake Watershed Action Plan that was initiated in 2022, when Lake Morey met the criteria for being assessed as Impaired for Aesthetics Use based on Lay Monitoring Program data from 2013-2022 and Vermont Water Quality Standards.

This page serves as a central location for information about monitoring and management of Lake Morey’s water quality.

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