State Parks Infrastructure

Vermont has a system of 52 state parks, which are fully operational from mid-May through mid-October every year. These parks vary in size and services offered, and as such, the infrastructure at each state park is highly diverse. Constant maintenance and upgrades are necessary to ensure the parks are fully operational and can accommodate a wide variety of guests. 

Agency Facilities works very closely with the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation to address the specific engineering needs at each state park, so visitors can have the most enjoyable experience. Agency Facilities designs improvements and new infrastructure at these state parks including everything from roads, trails, parking areas, drainage structures, drinking water and waste water systems, bathroom facilities, cabins, picnic shelters, boat launch areas, erosion control, park redesigns, and more. Agency Facilities works with the local and state government to obtain the required permits and authorizations before construction can begin, and then provides construction oversight to ensure the project is built to the highest standards. 

For state park locations and further information, please visit the Vermont State Parks website.