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ANR Flood Recovery Resources

Find updates and information on the recent flood.

Underground Storage Tank Removal


Contractors and Consultants

List of environmental consultants - These companies or individuals can perform release assessments during a tank closure or removal to determine if there has been a release of petroleum into the environment from the UST system.
This list is maintained by the Sites Manage Section of the Waste Management and Prevention Division, not the UST Program. Contact 802-828-1138 with questions about the list.

List of underground storage tank contractors - This list provides the names of companies or individuals that can remove or close in place an underground storage tank
The storage tank program does not license environmental consultants or contractors nor endorses/recommend anyone on these lists.


For information on UST system closure or to submit closure forms, or for information related to UST loans, please contact:
Sue Thayer

For guidance on contamination found during an UST removal, please see the Sites Management Section webpage on the Waste Management and Prevention Division website, or contact the Sites Management Section and ask to speak with a site manager. If you find contamination during a tank removal/closure, this must be reported to the Waste Management and Prevention Division's Spill Program.
Waste Management and Prevention Division