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UST Registration and Permitting

Registering an UST

To register an UST, complete and email the applicable parts of the UST Form (Part IPart IIPart IIIPart IV) to the contact listed below. Note that the form(s) can be filled out online but cannot be saved and submitted online. For more information, read the instructions for completing the UST Form.

Tank owners must have Part I of the UST Form recorded in the town/city land records. Owners and operators of all category one, two, and three UST systems shall record the existence and location of USTs in municipal land records. The owner or operator shall submit a completed Part l of the UST Form and the municipal recording fee (all town/city recording fees are $15 per page) required by 32 V.S.A. § 1671. The fee shall be submitted with the application. Payment  shall be made by check payable to the municipality in which the UST system is located. Mail Part l of the UST Form and the recording fee to:

Attn: Sue Thayer
1 National Life Drive, Davis 1
Montpelier, VT 05620-3704

Permitting an UST

Permitting is required for all category one tanks (COTs). COTs are USTs that contain motor fuel and fuel oil for retail sales, back up generators, waste oil storage, and chemical storage. Permits to operate USTs are renewed annually. New permits and changes to permits are posted on the Environmental Notice Bulletin for 15 days prior to issue.

To obtain an UST Permit:

  1. Complete and submit the applicable part(s) of the UST Form (Part IPart IIPart IIIPart IV).
  2. Complete and submit an Operator A/B Designation form
  3. Pay the permit fee of $125 (per UST) online.

If you have questions about the UST Form (Parts I-IV), or permitting for new facilities/owners, please contact:
Sue Thayer

If you have questions about UST permit renewal, please contact:
Wendy Edwards

Change of Ownership

When a facility with USTs is changing ownership, a form must be completed through ANRonline (except for non-permitted USTs--see below). The change of ownership must also be recorded in the land record with the municipality where the tank(s) are located. City and town clerks require a $15 per page fee for the land record update.

Permitted USTs
Please note that permits do not transfer, and a change of ownership requires a permit in the new owner's name. The buyer is required to apply for and receive a new permit and cannot operate the facility under the permit issued to the previous owner. In the instance of a facility sale, it is a best practice to contact the UST Section in advance of the scheduled real estate closing to determine whether the facility is in compliance with the UST Rules and learn what systems the facility has onsite. For questions about permits, contact Wendy Edwards (802-522-0261, For other technical questions, call 802-828-1138 and ask to speak with UST Section staff.

Note that all permitted facilities are required to have an A/B operator. For more information, please go to the Operator Training webpage. Be aware that training is done by selecting the training options best suited for the UST system (e.g., pressurized or suction).

Non-Permitted USTs
USTs that are not permitted, but still require registration, will need to complete a UST Form (Part IPart IIPart IIIPart IV).

Updating Local Land Records
Each city or town's land records must be updated when there is a new owner of a facility or the number of tanks change at the property. All Vermont municipalities charge a $15 per page fee for recording changes to these records. Please print the form and mail it, along with the $15 check made out to the city or town, to the following (UST Program staff will send the form and check to the city or town for recording): 
Storage Tanks Section
1 National Life Drive, Davis 1
Montpelier, VT 05620-3704

If There are Tanks that Need to be Permitted
Permitted Tank - Change of ownership will require a new operating permit, and the new owner must pay the $125.00 per tank permit fee online.
Provide proof of online payment with a PDF copy of the payment receipt to:

Registered Tank (only) - When ownership has been transferred to a new party, ANR must be notified within 30 days. The municipal land record will also need to be updated. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What tanks must be registered?
Registration is required for all USTs, except for tanks under 1,100 gallons located at a farm or a single family residence. USTs at public buildings must register regardless of size. All USTs used for the storage of diesel, fuel oil, kerosene, gasoline, new oil, used (waste) oil, chemical product, and out-of-service tanks are required to be registered. Note that propane tanks are not regulated by the Storage Tanks Section (or any other program within ANR). Please refer to the Vermont Department of Public Safety's Division of Fire Safety for information on propane tanks.

What does registration mean?
A tank owner is required to register all new and existing USTs by using a form provided by the Agency.

Are any USTs exempt from registration?
Yes, USTs at a farm or single family residence in Vermont are exempt, provided that they are:

  • Less than 1,100 gallons and are used exclusively for on-premises heating and domestic hot water; or 
  • Less than 1,100 gallons and are used for storing motor fuel which is not used in connection with a commercial operation 

What USTs are required to have a permit issued by the Agency? 
All owners or operators of category one tanks are required to have a permit to install, upgrade, or operate a category one tank.

Are any registered USTs exempt from having a permit?
Yes, the following are exempt from registration  and or permitting requirements:

  • USTs storing fuel oil for on-premises heating and domestic hot water at a single family dwelling under 1,100 gallons
  • USTs for farm or residential use and storing motor fuel under 1,100 gallons
  • USTs that has been permanently closed-in-place

What is the definition of a category one tank (COT)? 
All USTs are COTs, except for: fuel oil storage tanks used for on-premises heating purposes, or farm or residential tanks used for storing motor fuel.

What is financial responsibility (FR)?  
In order to ensure that money is available for onsite cleanup of a release to the environment and compensation of third parties for bodily injury and property damage, owners or operators of petroleum USTs are required by federal and state law to demonstrate that they have the capability to pay for sudden and non-sudden accidental releases from their USTs. This requirement applies to all COTs, and is referred to as financial responsibility (FR). Note that if the Petroleum Cleanup Fund (PCF) is chosen as the mechanism to satisfy the financial responsibility requirement of the UST Permit, then a check for the first year tank assessment is required to accompany the UST Form. Make check payable to the Treasurer, State of Vermont.

What fees are required?
The only fee required for registering a UST is a check for $15 made payable to the Town or City Clerk of the municipality in which the tank is located. This is a land record fee. The online UST Form is to be printed and mailed to the UST Section. Section staff will send the form and your check to the town or city clerk. the form is recorded in the land records against the land owner’s name. For tanks that require a permit to operate, fees are $125 per tank per year. Note that a compartmental tank is considered one tank. For example, if a facility is brand new and never had tanks, then the fees are $15 for the land record fee and $125 per tank fee. If a permitted facility is adding a tank(s), the fees are as stated above.

Contact Information

Storage Tanks Section
Hazardous Materials Program
Waste Management and Prevention Division
Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation
1 National Life Drive – Davis 1
Montpelier, VT 05620-3704