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Resource Conservation and Recovery Act​ (RCRA)
Oil Spills Prevention and Preparedness Regulations (includes SPCC)
RCRA Orientation Manual  ·  e-Manifests  ·  Biennial Reporting


ANR Atlas Logo

Agency of Natural Resources Natural Resource Atlas
A online mapping tool for Vermont's Natural Resources.  With over 150 map layers available to make custom maps from across all of ANR's departments and other state and municipal agencies.



EPA's Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) ECHO provides fast, integrated searches of EPA and state data for 800,000+ regulated facilities and integrates inspection, violation, and enforcement for the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and hazardous waste laws. ECHO also includes Safe Drinking Water Act data, Toxics Release Inventory data, National Emissions Inventory data, and Water Quality Data.


EPA Envirofacts logo

EPA's Envirofacts The Environfacts Multisystem Search integrates information from a variety of databases and includes latitude and longitude information. Each of these databases contains information about facilities that are required to report activity to a state or federal system. Using this form, you can retrieve information about hazardous waste (including the Biennial Report), toxic and air releases, Superfund sites, and water discharge permits. Facility information and a map of its location is provided.

RCRA Info The RCRAInfo Industry Application provides the mechanism by which a site that generates and/or manages RCRA Subtitle C hazardous waste may submit information to their regulator (typically a State environmental agency).  
             The application contains the following modules:  

  • myRCRAid - pertains to EPA Form 8700-12 (Site Identification) submissions
  • Biennial Report - pertains to EPA Form 8700-13 A/B (Hazardous Waste Report) submissions
  • e-Manifest - pertains to EPA Form 8700-22 (Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest) submissions

To become a user of the RCRAInfo Industry Application, you must obtain a RCRAInfo Industry Application account.