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Sand, Gravel & Mineral Resources

Orbicular granite from Craftsbury, Vermont
Photograph (J. Kim): Orbicular granite, Craftsbury

Geologic map
The mineral resource map shows active and inactive occurrences, prospects and producers. Data is from the VT Mineral Resource Data System (MRDS), 1998.

Industrial Minerals: 200 years and Going Strong: D. Conrad and D. Vanacek, 1990 and updated in 2005 (S. King) and 2016. Includes granitemarbleslate, kaolinite and more.

Separate maps show sand and gravel pits, sand and gravel deposits, crushed rock , metallic mineral resources, and dimension stone. A statewide compilation of radioactivity data (2002) includes data from  uranium exploration , as does the map produced in 1980 Obtain mine, quarry and sand and gravel pit status (abandoned, active, intermittent) through MSHA's online system for easy access to the data.

Highway Construction Materials Surveys by Town are surveys from the 1970s of sand and gravel resources.

VTRANS Approved Aggregate Source List and Geotechnical Engineering Section

Environmental Geology Reports (1971-1975) also include sections on sand and gravel resources.

The U.S. Dept. of Labor, Mine Safety and Health Administration reports on mine activity:  List of Mine, quarry and sand and gravel pit status in 2014. In 2000, full time operating mines included 2 marble (dimension stone), 25 slate (dimension stone), 1 granite (dimension stone), 1 talc and soapstone, 7 limestone (crushed rock), and 6 sand and gravel operations. 142 mines were listed with an intermittent operation status. Of these mines, 89 were sand and gravel operations.

USGS Minerals Information for Vermont.


Sand, Gravel & Mineral Resources Continued

Metallic Mineral Resources Map and Non-metallic Mineral Resources compiled by A McBean, 1985 (visit the USGS MRDS interactive site for all data)

Oil and Gas Web page or articles from 1950 to 1989, 29 p

Mineral Collecting

Gold in Vermont, articles dating from 1800s to present which pertain to gold and prospecting in Vermont, 1995, 34 p

Rockhounding in Vermont, VT Agency of Commerce and Community Affairs, 1991 with 2019 updates, 8 p. LANDOWNER PERMISSION IS REQUIRED

Specimen Collecting in Vermont lists permissions required to collect on public or private lands, 1 p

Grant, RW, 1968, Mineral Collecting in Vermont: Vermont Geological Survey Special Publication 3. LANDOWNER PERMISSION IS REQUIRED