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Oil and Gas

Oil and gas exploration wells


Six exploration wells  shown on the map were drilled in Vermont between 1957 and 1984.  However, there are no producing oil or gas wells in Vermont. Click on the well name in the table below for more information.

Well Name Town/County Year  Depth (feet) Drilling Company
Yandow #1
St. Albans/Franklin County 1957 4500 Maquam Oil & Gas Development Corp. & Henderson Oil
Gregoire #1 Colchester/Chittenden County 1959-1960 5075 Vermont Gas & Mineral Corp.
Gregoire #2 (Hazelett #1) Colchester/Chittenden County 1960-1961 2306 Vermont Gas & Mineral Corp.
Alburg #1 Alburg/Grand Isle County 1964 5120 American petrofina & Falcon Seaboard Drilling Co.
E.S. Baker Grand Isle/Grand Isle County 1968 3500 Cambrian Corp.
Burnor #1 Fairfield/Franklin County 1984 6968 Columbia Gas Transission Co. & Delat Drilling

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