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Clean Water Board

Vermont waterways nurture ecosystem wellbeing, supply safe drinking water, strengthen tourism, buoy property values, and provide recreational opportunities like fishing, swimming, and boating.

For the benefit of current and future generations of Vermont’s people and wildlife, the state has made a long-term commitment to the Clean Water Initiative to provide the mechanisms, staffing, and financing necessary so that our waterways achieve and maintain compliance with the Vermont Water Quality Standards (10 V.S.A § 1387). 

The Clean Water Board recommends the annual Clean Water Budget, which provides funding to help municipalities, farmers, and others implement projects that will restore, enhance, and protect Vermont’s water quality, including addressing priority sources of nutrient and sediment pollution.

Vermont’s Clean Water Budget comprises Capital Funds and the Clean Water Fund with revenue from the Meals and Rooms Tax Allocation, Property Transfer Tax Surcharge and unclaimed bottle deposits.

The Clean Water Board has representation from five state agency secretaries: Administration; Agriculture, Food and Markets; Commerce and Community Development; Natural Resources; and Transportation. In addition, four members of the public are appointed by the Governor

For more information, contact, or subscribe to the Clean Water Stakeholder Listserv to be notified of upcoming Clean Water Board meetings, Public Hearings, and opportunities to provide input on the annual State Fiscal Year Clean Water Budget.

Visit the Clean Water Board Meetings webpage for upcoming meeting details and to view past meeting materials and minutes.

View Vermont's Clean Water Board and Budget Storymap to learn more about clean water work in the state and the budgeting process.

Program Audit of the Clean Water Fund

Vermont Statute requires a Clean Water Fund audit be completed by an independent party by January 15, 2023. Visit Vermont Statutes Online 10 V.S.A. § 1389b for statutory language on the Clean Water Fund audit. The Vermont Agency of Administration posted a Request for Proposals (RFP) for an independent party to conduct the Program Audit of the Clean Water Fund. Currently no responses have been received and the Vermont Agency of Administration will be working with the Clean Water Board to draft recommendations on next steps for the Legislature. 

Interagency Clean Water Initiative Reports

Visit the Reports webpage to view annual reports on clean water funding and water quality progress. There you will find: 

  • Vermont Clean Water Initiative Annual Performance Reports. This annual report series, prepared by the Secretary of Administration, summarizes state investments to address priority water quality problems across Vermont. 

  • Other Reports. Available reports include annual federal funding reports related to water quality improvement efforts in Vermont, Vermont Nonpoint Source Management Program annual reports, and others. 

Clean Water Fund Contingency Reserve Guidelines

The purpose of these Guidelines is to support continuity in the Clean Water Board's decision by documenting best practices for revenue monitoring and reconciliation already employed by the Board. These Guidelines also provide transparency for Clean Water Budget stakeholders and the public on the importance of maintaining the Reserve to mitigate risk. The Guidelines will remain in effect until such time that the Clean Water Board modifies these Guidelines. 

Clean Water Board Meetings

Subscribe to the Clean Water Stakeholder Listserv or visit the DEC Calendar to be notified of upcoming Clean Water Board meetings.

View a complete list of past Clean Water Board Meetings, including meeting agenda, materials, and minutes.

Clean Water Board Recommended Budgets by State Fiscal Year