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Vermont Hazardous Waste Tax

Any person initiating a shipment of hazardous waste in Vermont, who is required to file a manifest, or other similar report, shall be subject to pay hazardous waste tax. Vermont Statutes, Title 32: Taxation and Finance, Chapter 237 § 10103. Tax imposed; exemptions. Vermont also has State specific tax codes used to identify reduced tax rates, as well as exempt waste.

Vermont Hazardous Waste Tax Rates
Method of Disposal Tax Per Gallon Tax Per Pound
Recycled (VX51) 11 cents 1.4 cents
Treatment (T) 23.6 cents 3 cents
Aggregate Waste (VX50)
  1 cent

For one-time generators of Hazardous Waste, please complete the Vermont Hazardous Waste Tax Billing information Form and return it to the Vermont Department of Taxes.