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Hazardous Waste Manifests


As of June 30, 2018, all manifests must be submitted, whether paper or electronic, to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) e-Manifest system (this is typically done by the permitted facilities that receive hazardous waste from generators referred to as “treatment, storage or disposal facilities” or TSDF). The e-Manifest system enables electronic tracking of hazardous wastes shipments from generators to TSDFs and will serve as a national reporting hub and database for all hazardous waste manifests and shipment data. Complete transition to electronic manifests will be phased in at a later date. Under this new system, there are several ways to submit manifests to EPA, ranging from mailing conventional paper to full electronic delivery. Receiving facilities will pay a fee that varies based on how manifests are submitted.

For more information about e-Manifest please visit:

There are two ways Generators can verify that a manifest has been submitted to EPA by a TSDF:

  1.  Register for a RCRAInfo Industry User account by going here and following the instructions or
  2. Using Vermont’s Environmental Research Tool. We recommend that generators check manifests quarterly, starting with the previous quarter (as the current quarter's manifest may not be fully entered).

If assistance is needed with missing manifests, please contact Wendy Edwards at: