EPA Site Identification Numbers

Initial Notification:

All hazardous waste handlers, including anyone who generates hazardous wastes, transports hazardous waste, or operates a treatment/storage/disposal facility for hazardous waste, are required by the Vermont Hazardous Waste Management Regulations (VHWMR) to notify the Department of Environmental Conservation and receive an EPA ID Number for their site. Completion of the Hazardous Waste Handler Site Identification Form 8700-12 fulfills this requirement.  For detailed instructions on how to complete the form please see: Instructions for the Waste Handler Site Identification Form 8700-12

Changes/Updates In Status or Business:Paste

Generators can change or update company name, types of waste generated, or generator category, and other facility information in one of two ways:

1) by completing and submitting to the Agency the Hazardous Waste Handler Site Identification form EPA Form 8700-12.

2) by updating their facility’s information using EPA’s RCRAinfo Industry Application.  Learn how to register for a RCRAinfo Industry User account here.

For minor changes such as updating contact information or mailing address, please reach out directly to Wendy Edwards at 802-522-0261 wendy.edwards@vermont.gov.

Temporary Site ID Forms:

The Secretary may issue a temporary identification number to persons who have generated hazardous waste only from an one-time or episodic event. The Temporary Site ID Form is used for one-time or episodic events.


Wendy Edwards at 802-522-0261 wendy.edwards@vermont.gov



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