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Petroleum Clean-Up Fund

Established under the authority of 10 V.S.A Chapter 59 Section 1941, the Petroleum Cleanup Fund (PCF) was created to pay, subject to available funding, for certain uninsured costs for the cleanup and restoration of contaminated soil and groundwater caused by the releases of petroleum from aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) and underground storage tanks (USTs), and for the compensation of third party claims for injury and damage caused by such a release.

All claims must be submitted to the Sites Management Section electronically via the following email address: Prior to submitting a claim, please refer to the 2014 Procedures for Reimbursement from the Petroleum Cleanup Fund, the 2020 Interim PCF Maximum Reimbursement Rates, the 2021 Interim PCF Labor Reimbursement Rates, and the PCF Deductible Chart (Effective 7/1/2023). Electronic reimbursement forms can be downloaded from the Guidance Documents section of this site under Forms & Checklists (PCF Reimbursement Forms).

PCF Allowable Rates:

Annual PCF Report

A comprehensive report highlighting the state of the fund, financial challenges, and recommended solutions is completed on a yearly basis by the PCF Advisory Committee. Use the links below to explore the current and past reports.

Current Report:

2023 PCF Report 

Report Archive: