Safe Disposal of Sharps

Home-Generated Sharps, Syringes, and Needles

Laundry detergent bottle with "Do Not Recycle" label and lid taped shut with duct tape.
To be safe and legal, dispose of home-generated sharps, needles, and syringes in this manner:

  1. Place sharps in an empty, rigid plastic container, such as a laundry detergent bottle.
  2. Tape the bottle’s cap shut with strong tape. Firmly attach a “Do Not Recycle” label to the bottle. Please see the sample label.
  3. Dispose of bottle in the trash.

The Universal Recycling Law allows people to reuse rigid plastic bottles to dispose of their home-generated sharps.


Sample label to tape to disposal containers. Printing on colored paper makes the label more eye-catching. 

VT Department of Health: Discarding Syringes and Other Sharps

Regulated Medical Waste (non-residential)

For questions about how businesses and institutions should dispose of regulated medical waste, contact Deb Pierce at

Please see the current procedure for instructions and requirements. The Regulated Medical Waste Procedures will soon be part of the Solid Waste Rules in Subchapter 14.