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Wetlands Inquiry Portal

Select the request type that best describes your inquiry.  Project review and site visit requests have a special form which emails your District Wetlands Ecologist all of the relevant information so that they may process your request most efficiently.

Request Project Review, Parcel Review, or a Field Visit: Provide information about your project or parcel to learn if wetlands are present, receive project review, or schedule a site visit.  Landowner permission is needed to schedule a site visit.  Form will email the District Wetlands Ecologist your information for processing.

Report a Wetland Complaint or Violation – Report activity in a wetland or wetland buffer that may be in violation of the VT Wetland Rules.

Research Wetland Permits - Find information about issued wetland permits.

Email the Wetlands Program - To receive a copy of the permit.

Request Education, Training and Outreach Support - schedule wetland training, presentations, and other outreach activities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wetlands – Our FAQ page may have the answer you are looking for.  If you have question about a specific parcel, please click on the “request project review” above to email the District Wetlands Ecologist for assistance.

ACOE Contact - Choose this link to be directed to your Regional Engineer of the Federal Army Corps of Engineers

An map of Vermont showing the district reviewer assignments in different colors