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Stormwater Permitting Rule Update

Updated 2/25/2019

The final proposed Stormwater Permitting Rule was approved by the Legislative Committee for Administrative Rules (LCAR) on 2/14/2019.  The final adopted rule was filed on 2/25/19, and will go into effect on 3/15/19.

Stormwater Permitting Rule – Final Adopted

Public Comment Response Summary

Summary of Rule Changes

LCAR Forms

Ch. 22 Strikethrough

ICAR Minutes

Repeal of Ch. 18 Stormwater Management Rule

Concurrent with the adoption of the Ch. 22 Stormwater Permitting Rule, the Department is repealing the existing Ch. 18 Stormwater Management Rule.

Ch. 18 Materials Provided to LCAR

Ch. 18 LCAR Forms

Ch. 18 Strikethrough

Ch. 18 ICAR Minutes

The “Three-Acre General Permit”

In addition to adopting a new rule, DEC is required to adopt a general permit for stormwater from so-called “three-acre sites” -existing sites with three or more acres of impervious surface that lack a stormwater permit based on the 2002 Stormwater Management Manual. The proposed rule includes standards applicable to this general permit, as well as all stormwater permitting. The Department will proceed to adopt the three-acre general permit once the rule is finalized.

DEC’s Stormwater Program welcomes your input on the proposed rule and forthcoming general permit. Questions or comments should be directed to Chris "Chip" Gianfagna, Stormwater Program Manager, at or (802) 490-6174.