3 Acre Properties

What is a 3-acre site?

Draft List of 3 acre properties

What is a "3-acre site?"

Draft General Permit 3-9050 serves as the “Three-Acre General Permit” as required under the Vermont Clean Water Act.  A “three-acre site” is an impervious surface of three or more acres that:

  • has never had an operational stormwater permit, or
  • was permitted to standards in place prior to the 2002 Stormwater Management Manual

The Stormwater Rule defines these sites as follows:

  • Impervious surface of three or more acres means a single tract of land with three or more acres of impervious surface;
  • a project on a tract or tracts of land that was previously authorized under a stormwater permit that authorized the discharge of stormwater from three or more acres of impervious surface; and
  • impervious surface adjacent to or adjoining the foregoing types of impervious surfaces where the surface in question are part of a related operation, such as a hospital, resort, or campus.  

Draft List of "3-acre properties"

The draft list below identifies properties that are required to obtain permit coverage and retrofit their site to improve the level of stormwater treatment. This list includes properties in Lake Champlain watershed, and portions of the Lake Memphremagog, watersheds only.  The list will be updated in the future as information for the rest of the state becomes available.  

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