Compliance Inspections for Permitted UST Facilities

Under the Energy Act of 2005 permitted underground storage tank facilities must be inspected at least once every 3 year by the state UST Program. The UST Program coordinates with owners to visit their facities as best as possible. This allows for inspectors to meet with owners/operators, do a review records and physically check out the underground storage tank system. Inspections include but are not limited to,  looking at fill ports, spill buckets, piping sumps, inside dispensers, leak detection records, monthly inpsection documents, diagram and permit postings. Along with the mandatory 3 year inspection the UST program also randomly selects 100  facilities to visit each year.  So while its possible that your facility might be inspected once every 3 years, its also possilbe that you'll be inspected much more often than the 3 year schedule.

If violations are found during the inspection the tank owner  will recieve a certifed letter called a Notice of Alleged Violation, the notice will document the rules violation with a short description of what the inspector observed. The notice will give compliance directives to which will have to be addressed by the dates specified in the notice. Documenation of the corrected violations may be required. In some cases violations will warrant a  ticket (which includes a monetary penalty) from the Compliance and Enforcement Division.

Underground Storage Tank Rules

2021 Facility Inspections

NOAV Response Form

Inventory Monitoring and weekly water checks   Monthly Inventory  Log Sheets  Daily Inventory Log Sheets

UST Facility Monthly Inspection sample checklist

Leak Detection Log  for Electronic montitoring systems (ie Veeder Root, etc)

Leak Detection Log  for Manual monitoring systems 

Leak Detection Log for  weekly Electronic Leak Test monitoring systems ( tanks w/out interstitials but have electronic intank monitoring)

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