Underground Storage Tank (UST) Rules

Vermont Underground Storage Tank Rules 

Current Rules effective date 10/13/2018

2020 Underground Storarage Tank Rules Revison:

Proposed 2020 UST Rules underline/strike out copy
Proposed 2020 UST Rules clean copy
Comments on the proposed rules will be accepted until May 8, 2020. Please send your comments to ted.unkles@vermont.gov

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation will hold a public hearing on the proposed changes to the UST Rules on Thursday, April 30, at 4:00 pm.  The hearing will be held by video-conference.  Anyone wishing to comment on the proposed changes can attend by clicking this link: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting
or call 1-802-828-7667, when prompted enter conference code 205 603 867# (no spaces required)
Attendance at the hearing is optional.  Comments are welcomed by email or by calling a UST staff member.  Please feel free to email Ted Unkles (ted.unkles@vermont.gov) if you have any questions. 

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation is proposing some revisions to the Underground Storage Tank Rules.  The primary changes are as follows:

  • Eliminate the requirement that permit renewals and changes of ownership must be posted on the Environmental Notice Bulletin (ENB) for 2 weeks before a permit can be issued 
  • Change the definitions of “Minor Alteration” and “Substantial Alteration” so that replacement of sumps, spill buckets, and piping that can be pulled through an existing chase will not require a construction permit.

There have been several instances in which a facility with underground tanks has changed hands but a permit to operate the UST system to the new owner was not issued quickly because the new permit had to be posted on the ENB.  New owners were not to be able to operate the UST(s) while the draft permit was on the ENB.  With the upcoming deadline of September 1, 2020 for testing sumps, spill buckets, and overfill prevention devices, it is expected that many tank owners will need to replace or retrofit these devices.  Under the current rules, tank owners will have to apply for a construction permit, and the draft permit has to be posted on the ENB for two weeks.  The proposed changes to the rules will allow this work to begin immediately, with a simple notification to the UST program. 

Please contact Ted Unkles at:



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