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Application Process

The first step in applying for any state-issued environmental permit is to use the Permit Navigator tool to identify the required environmental permits and approvals for projects on a single parcel. If it is a linear, polygon, or multi-parcel project, contact a Community Assistance Specialist to get started.

A complete application for a TSDF permit must include all relevant information required by 40 CFR §§ 270.13 (Part A) and 270.14 (Part B). Since there is no application form, the required information should be compiled and submitted in an organized format. A Checklist for Review of Federal Permit Applications is used by Vermont hazardous waste program staff to evaluate each TSDF permit application, and may be used by the applicant to ensure that an application submittal is complete.

A fee of $5,775.00 is required with the submittal of an initial TSDF permit application. No fee is assessed for TSDF permit renewal applications, but there is an annual operating fee of $2,000 per year for commercial facilities, and $1,100 per year for captive facilities. This annual operating fee applies to all TSDFs with permits issued or renewed after July 1, 2004.