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Area Wide Plans

Area Wide Plan Information 

Area Wide Planning (AWP) aims to promote community revitalization by using cleanups to stimulate local economies and protect human health and the environment. The resulting area wide plans provide direction for future brownfields cleanup, reuse, and related improvements.

Benefits: AWP develops community vision for multiple properties and targets areas for redevelopment rather than examining properties independently. The area wide planning approach recognizes that revitalization of the area surrounding the brownfields sites is critical to the successful reuse of the property as cleanup and redevelopment of an individual site.

Evaluate existing conditions
Evaluate land use and features
Identify key brownfield sites
Encourage community development and identify community priorities
Market studies and market analysis
Infrastructure and energy analyses
Develop re use scenarios
Develop brownfields area wide plan document
Identify resources for implementation
Develop implementation strategy
Creation of GIS database

Bennington AWP Story Map 

Northfield AWP Story Map 

St. Johnsbury Area Wide Assessment Map

AWPs Conducted to date: Windsor, Colchester, St. Johnsbury, Winooski, Barre City, Bennington, St. Albans, Richford, Burlington, Johnson, Swanton, and Northfield.