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Public Notice Opportunities

There are no currently open resources for public comment.

Past Public Notice - Clean Water Service Provider Guidance - Three Chapters

The State of Vermont finalized three Guidance Chapters after public comment as required in Act 76 § 924 (a) (3) which states "The Secretary shall adopt guidance on a clean water service provider’s obligation with respect to implementation of this chapter. The Secretary shall provide notice to the public of the proposed guidance and a comment period of not less than 30 days". The DRAFT guidance chapters are fundamental to the establishment of Basin Water Quality Councils, cover CWSP financial management, and provides guidance on CWSP governance.

The State of Vermont engaged with a mix of state and federal agencies and external stakeholders in the development and review of components of these DRAFT Guidance chapters prior to posting for public comment. Public comments were accepted from May 26 through June 27, 2022 for Chapters 2 and 4, and through July 22, 2022, for Chapter 3.

Past Public Notice - Formula Grants Target and Fund Allocation Methodology

The State of Vermont posted the following DRAFT methodologies for public comment March 30, 2022 through May 2, 2022. The State of Vermont is reviewing the public comments that were received through the Environmental Notice Bulletin and will post a final versions with response summaries.  

These methodologies are fundamental to both (a) the allocation of Formula Grant funds and (b) estimating phosphorus reductions associated with clean water projects to monitor the State’s progress implementing Lake Champlain and Lake Memphremagog phosphorus reduction requirements (articulated in phosphorus Total Maximum Daily Loads, or “TMDLs”). The State utilized Type 3 procedures to post the above DRAFT methodologies for public comment, as required in 10 V.S.A. § 922 and 10 V.S.A. § 923.

Public Meetings on the DRAFT Methodologies

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (VTDEC) held the following public meetings, each focused on one of the DRAFT methodologies posted for public comment.

​Guidance Subgroups

Five subgroups were established to engage with stakeholders and develop the Clean Water Service Provider Guidance.

  • Chapters 2-4 Guidance Subgroup
  • Data Management and Reporting Subgroup
  • Enhancement Grant Structure Subgroup
  • Formula Grant and Fund Allocations Subgroup
  • Operation and Mainteanance Subgroup

Subgroup Newsletter

Summaries of ongoing subgroup meetings are available in a monthly subgroup newsletter. Contact Rachel Wood with subject “Act 76 Subgroup listserv” to be added to the newsletter recipient list

Training for Clean Water Service Providers & Basin Water Quality Councils

Online trainnings for Clean Water Service Providers & Basin Water Quality Councils are available on the Watershed Planning Program ENGAGEMENT & TRAINING webpage.

Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

The Advisory Committee is a stakeholder working group established to work with the Water Investment Division and guide the development of the Rule.