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Clean Water Grants

Vermont Clean Water Initiative Program Funding Policy

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) Clean Water Initiative Program (CWIP) funds projects that improve water quality by reducing nutrient and sediment pollution. The CWIP State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2021 Funding Policy serves as a communication tool to clean water project proponents and prospective/current grant/contract recipients, outlining:

  • Current year (SFY 2021) funds available and anticipated funding opportunities;
  • DEC and external grantee/contractor roles and responsibilities related to funding programs; and
  • Criteria to determine eligible uses of funds.

The Funding Policy applies to all clean water funding initiatives administered by the CWIP defined in the State Fiscal Year 2021 CWIP Spending Plan (see Appendix A). Current/prospective grant/contract recipients are responsible for reviewing and complying with the Funding Policy.

CWIP SFY 2021 Funding Policy and Resources

COVID-19 and Clean Water Grants and Contracts

Please visit for the latest guidance related to COVID-19 and clean water grants and contracts.


Funding Opportunities Tool

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This tool provides information on anticipated clean water funding opportunities, across state agencies, in the upcoming year. Program and funding information will be updated on an annual basis and as funding information changes, contingent upon agencies’ ability to report changes. Please reach out to the project contact for more information.

Access the Funding Opportunitites Tool via the Clean Water Portal.