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Clean Water Grants

The Clean Water Initiative Program (CWIP) funds priority projects that restore and protect rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, and wetlands from nonpoint source runoff and associated nutrient and sediment pollution. Vermont municipalities, regional organizations, nonprofit associations, citizen groups, and state agencies are eligible to receive grants.

The CWIP Ecosystem Restoration Funding Policy (updated August 15, 2019) offers clarity and transparency to grant and contract applicants, clean water improvement project proponents, state agencies, other program partners, and the public by presenting overarching grant program goals, CWIP funding priorities, and how CWIP administers clean water programs.

Clean water grants fund projects with a focus on stormwater runoff and erosion abatement from developed lands, natural resource restoration, agriculture and forest management runoff controls, and equipment with demonstrated water quality benefit through planning, identification, design, implementation and technical capacity building.

COVID-19 and Clean Water Grants and Contracts

Please visit for the latest guidance related to COVID-19 and clean water grants and contracts. Updates will also be distributed via the Clean Water E-Newsletter (subscribe for updates). Please email with any questions.

Clean Water Grants and Contracts Process Improvement

DEC has been working on a number of process improvements over the past six months, pre-COVID-19 and will continue to do so in the post-COVID-19 world. Please see the letter linked here from Water Investment Division (WID) Division Director Neil Kamman detailing actions to streamline agreement development and invoice processing. If you have specific invoice concerns, please contact Terisa Thomas.


Funding Opportunities Tool

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This tool provides information on anticipated clean water funding opportunities, across state agencies, in the upcoming year. Program and funding information will be updated on an annual basis and as funding information changes, contingent upon agencies’ ability to report changes. Please reach out to the project contact for more information.

Access the Funding Opportunitites Tool via the Clean Water Portal.