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This listing includes publications, videos, and slide shows available from the Stormwater Section.  Many of the resources listed  on this page are for historical reference only, and  do not reflect current regulations. For additional resources of the Watershed Management Division, go to the Watershed Management Division Resources page.

(sorted alphabetically)

Advanced Stormwater Standards Compilation Final Report (Stone, 2012)    Catalog No: 1195
Publication Date/Type: 2013 Report

Class A Ski Lift and Trail Construction Guidance
Publication Date/Type: 2000

Engineering Feasibility Analysis Procedure    Catalog No: 434
Publication Date/Type: 2004 Report

Green Infrastructure in Downtown Development webinar    Catalog No: 1066
*If you are having trouble viewing this file, you may need to download the GoToMeeting Codec for Windows Media Player. This codec can be downloaded from:
Publication Date/Type: 2011 Video

Green Infrastructure in Downtown Development webinar- Slides only    Catalog No: 1068
This file contains only the slides from the webinar presentation.
Publication Date/Type: 2011 Other

Management of Stormwater Runoff in Vermont - Program and Policy Options    Catalog No: 132
Publication Date/Type: 2001 Report

Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) Fact Sheet    Catalog No: 375
Publication Date/Type: 2005 Fact Sheet

Options for Municipal Roles and Responsibilities in Stormwater Management    Catalog No: 374
Publication Date/Type: 2002 Report

Report of the Orphan Stormwater Grant Program Year 2    Catalog No: 479
Publication Date/Type: 2008 Report

Sectors of Industrial Activities Covered by the MSGP    Catalog No: 376
Publication Date/Type: 2005 Other

Status Report Orphan Stormwater Systems Grant Project May 2006 - February 2007    Catalog No: 468
Publication Date/Type: 2007 Report

Stormwater Permitting Rule  
Environmental Protection Rules, Chapter 22
Publication Date/Type: 2019 Report

Stormwater Practices Research Project Final Report (CEI, 2012)    Catalog No: 1196
Publication Date/Type: 2013 Report

2002 Vermont Stormwater Manual - Volume I    Catalog No: 379
Publication Date/Type: 2002 Report

2002 Vermont Stormwater Manual - Volume II    Catalog No: 380
Publication Date/Type: 2002 Report

2017 Vermont Stormwater Manual Rule and Guidance
Publication Date/Type: 2017 Report

Urban Stormwater Management in Vermont    Catalog No: 378
Publication Date/Type: 2002 Report

Vermont ANR 1987 Stormwater Management Procedures    Catalog No: 433
Publication Date/Type: 1987 Report

Vermont ANR 1997 Stormwater Management Procedures    Catalog No: 424
Publication Date/Type: 1997 Report

Vermont Low-Impact Development Guide for Residential & Small Sites    Catalog No: 1069
Publication Date/Type: 2010 Booklet