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The Clean Water Initiative Program (CWIP) funds priority projects that restore and protect rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, and wetlands from nonpoint source runoff and associated nutrient and sediment pollution. Vermont municipalities, regional organizations, nonprofit associations, citizen groups, and state agencies are eligible to receive grants. 

The CWIP Ecosystem Restoration Funding Policy (updated August 15, 2019) offers clarity and transparency to grant and contract applicants, clean water improvement project proponents, state agencies, other program partners, and the public by presenting overarching grant program goals, CWIP funding priorities, and how CWIP administers clean water programs.

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Clean Water Grants
  • Ecosystem Restoration Grants
  • Municipal Roads Grants-in-Aid Block Grant 
  • Design and Construction Block Grants
  • River Corridor Easement Grants
  • Partnership Grants and Contracts
  • Analytical Services 
  • Act 76 Program Development
Lake Champlain TMDL Implementation Grants
  • Floodplain Restoration and Functional Assessment
  • Using GSI and Other Technologies to Reduce CSOs
  • Design and Construction of GSI at Public Schools in the Lake Champlain Basin

Vermont Watershed Grants

Grants support watershed-related education and outreach; planning, assessment, inventory and monitoring; and implementation projects. The grant program is administered by the Department of Fish and Wildlife in coordination with the Department of Environmental Conservation, and funded through the sale of Conservation License Plates.