State of Vermont Clean Water Projects

Example project report pages for each sector

The Clean Water Initiative Program coordinates with State of Vermont and federal agencies to fund, track, and report priority projects to restore Vermont’s rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, and wetlands. State of Vermont clean water funds target projects that reduce nutrient and sediment pollution across various land use sectors. These projects - applied across the landscape - result in nutrient and sediment pollution reductions necessary for surface waters to meet State of Vermont water quality standards. Pollution reductions are described in clean water restoration plans known as "Total Maximum Daily Loads" (TMDLs), and are further supported by programs under the Vermont Clean Water Act  (Act 64 of 2019) and the Combined Sewer Overflow Rule of 2016.

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Clean Water Initiative Annual Reports

Additional reports can be found on the Reports webpage.

Clean Water Portal

The Clean Water Portal is an online platform that houses a variety of clean water tools to assist with project planning, searching existing projects, funding opportunities, and more. Tools on the portal include:

  • Clean Water Project Explorer
  • Watershed Projects Database (WPD) Search
  • Water Quality Project Screening Tool
  • Funding Opportunities Tool
  • Stormwater Treatment Practice (STP) Calculator
  • Clean Water Cashboard (coming soon!)

Clean Water Project Explorer 

The Clean Water Project Explorer is an interactive application that displays clean water project information, including funding, results, and nutrient reductions from the State of Vermont's clean water tracking database. Users can search clean water project data from six state agencies and download individual project reports. These agencies include:

The Explorer was developed by the Agency of Natural Resources as part of the Governor’s PIVOT Initiative

Project Explorer screenshot

The Explorer complements the Vermont Clean Water Initiative 2019 Performance Report and includes projects that have been funded (i.e., projects in progress) or completed from State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2016 to 2019. In addition, the Explorer includes potential projects in various stages of development, identified through Tactical Basin Planning and listed in the Watershed Projects Database (WPD).

The image on the right, for example, shows a Clean Water Project Explorer query of projects completed in the Otter Creek watershed. For more information see the FactsheetFrequently Asked Questions, and try it for yourself!

Clean Water Project Explorer Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I go back to the Project Explorer after opening a specific project report?

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Can I use my smartphone to access Project Explorer?

What is the difference between Potential Projects, Projects in Progress, and Completed Projects?

How do I tell if a project is in-progress?

Where does this data come from?

Why do some project reports have pictures and others do not?

I noticed some data is incorrect or missing, what’s next?

Does the Project Explorer represent all the Agricultural projects occurring in Vermont?


Who can I contact if I have more questions or want to know more about a project?