Permit Navigator Trainings

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The Environmental Assistance Office (EAO) offers targeted trainings and open office hours to town officials, state officials, non-profits, business owners, designers/ engineers/ consultants, regulated communities, homeowners, and other members of the public to learn more about Permit Navigator, how to use it, and answer any questions.

Permit Navigator Office Hours

EAO is hosting online office hours, open for anyone to attend, to receive a Permit Navigator demonstration and ask any questions. For the summer of 2022, office hours are being held every other week on Wednesdays at 1 pm from May 25, 2022 until July 20, 2022. To attend these office hours, click on the links below. To request accommodations or for troubleshooting needs, please reach out to your regional Community Assistance Specialist

Permit Navigator Municipal Official Trainings

Two trainings for small groups of municipal officials have been held in March and April 2022. EAO anticipates holding three more municipal trainings this spring and summer of 2022 to reach out to all towns and cities in Vermont. Training invites and links will be sent to your town email address as the trainings are scheduled. If you have not received an invite and would like to be added to an earlier training, please reach out to your regional Community Assistance Specialist.

Other Permit Navigator Trainings

On Wednesday, June 1, 2022 at 1 pm, Community Assistance Specialists will be holding a Permit Navigator Training for Regional Planning Commissions, Chambers of Commerce, and Development Corporations. An email invite has been sent with more details. To join, use the link sent in the email/calendar invite or here.

Permit Navigator Custom Trainings

EAO is available to schedule a custom Permit Navigator training with your organization where our staff can focus on answering questions about the Permit Navigator from you and your staff. If you are interested in scheduling a Permit Navigator training, please reach out to your regional Community Assistance Specialist.