Current Projects

Anticline and syncline, BenningtonPhotograph (T. Eliassen): Anticline and syncline, Bennington

Year in review, a report submitted to the Association of American State Geologists, 2016

DEC FY2018 Performance Report with maps summarizing a) essential geoscience  for Vermont communities and b) areas of hazard mapping.

Mapping Projects, 2018-2019:

Surficial geology and groundwater resources of the Richmond quadrangle

Surficial geology of the Huntington quadrangle

Surficial geology and groundwater resources of the northern 1/2 of the Proctor quadrangle


Groundwater chemistry and nitrates, Sutton, VT


Surficial geology and groundwater resources, Barre East quadrangle

Compilation and upgrade of statewide water use data, including the water well locations in 7 counties.

Hydrogeology and geochemistry of a fractured bedrock aquifer in Bennington and North Bennington, Vermont to address a PFOA contamination issue. 

Continued studies in Hinesburg and the Champlain Valley to understand groundwater flow, bedrock type and thrust faults. Studies provide data for water supply, radionuclide/water quality and other fate and transport of contaminants.


Landslide hazard mapping, Chittenden County.