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Automotive Technician Training

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The Vermont Automotive Technician Training Program (VATTP) provides Vermont automotive technicians with information and training classes on diagnosing and repairing On-Board Diagnostics (OBD II) emissions-related faults. VATTP trainings provide theory and hands-on skills in understanding OBD II, diagnosing problems detected by OBD systems, and verifying repairs. The program continues to develop classes to meet the needs of Vermont technicians and provides high quality trainings at a number of locations around Vermont. 

Formerly, these trainings were provided by the Vermont Center for Emissions Repair and Technician Training (VCERTT).

Information on Current Trainings Offered:

The National Center for Automotive Science and Technology with Weber State University’s College of Engineering, Applied Sciences, and Technology in partnership with the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation is excited to offer free new interactive webinar sessions for Vermont automotive technicians. 

 The following webinar session is now available for registration:

  1. Webinar: Two nights of Mechanical & Variable Timing & Valvetrain Diagnostics 

    Date & Time: August 17 and 18, 7 – 9 pm

ADVANCE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. For more information regarding these and other trainings please visit

Space is limited. Register for the webinar by August 3rd.

Upon successful registration, you will receive more information on accessing the online webinar one week before the start date.