ECO Americorps

In providing passionate people the opportunity to serve the environmental needs of Vermont communities, ECO AmeriCorps values all voices and identities in the conservation space. We seek to uplift & engage diversity, equity, and inclusion commitments in service and in our state.

We aim to guide the next generation of Vermont’s environmental leaders through enriching and immersive experiences. By collaborating with our partners, we add vital capacity to strengthen local communities and foster a deeper stewardship of our natural environment.

In recognizing the historic, systemic barriers to service and our own inaction on matters of inclusivity and accessibility, the ECO cohort has realized an opportunity for change. In a member-led initiative to refocus all aspects of the program around DEI standards, ECOs have begun the process of instilling a tangible action plan and living framework for continued success.

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The "O" in ECO stands for opportunity and we recognize service in our program is an entryway into the environmental and conservation fields. With the opportunity to be in ECO comes access to so many resources and connections that help members go on to become leaders in their industries. We want to amplify this advantage and make it accessible to people of all races, colors, genders, abilities, ages, religions, marital or military statuses, identities, backgrounds, and socioeconomic statuses.


We feel strongly about building and maintaining healthy, mutually beneficial relationships within our program networks and the greater Vermont community. We seek to expand the extent of our program's impact by facillitating connections among members, mentors, ambassadors, and the communities in which ECOs serve. We collaborate with communities to leverage our service where it is most useful, strengthening networks of service and capacity-building in our state.


ECO AmeriCorps is continuously growing and evolving as a program by actively incorporating perspectives, experiences, appreciations, and ways of knowing not previously considered. From techcinal skill building for members to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts for our greater ECO network, perpetual growth is the goal.


Committing to ECO, in any role, requires beliving in our mission, our members and partners, and in the energy of service. We value the dedication of members to serve, staff to lead, and partner organizations to align with our program. Our consistency is made possible by the time and effort put into our program by all participants.


For more information about becoming a Host Site Organization, applying to become an ECO Member, or general questions about the program, please contact:

Dustin Bowman
(802) 461-5222