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Luke Briccetti
"I serve because improving water quality improves the health of our wildlife, ecosystems, and communities."







Lindsey Carlson

"I serve to gain new experiences in environmental conservation and give back to the community"

Lexi Chambers

"I serve because I believe it is not until we see how fragile our species is to environmental change that we will see how expendible we are to this planet--and at that point it will be too late. We need to start small, join together, and begin humbling ourselves before we expect massive change."

Colin Clarcq

"I serve to create a more caring community."

Amanda Clement

"I serve because little issues can become BIG problems."

Naomi Cutler

"I serve to maintain my community's access to natural spaces."

Leila Faulstich-Hon

"I serve because our futures, joys, and freedoms are interconnected."

Emma Gwyn

"I serve to maintain green spaces for future generations."

Katherine Helmer

"I serve because protecting our water protects our communities."

Meaghan Hickey

 "I serve because there's so much to learn from the environment around us."

Ryan Homeyer

"I serve to ensure that excreted resources are not wasted."


Katherine King

"I serve because we are all stakeholders."

Pete Kirby-Miller

"I serve to surround hate and force it to surrender."

Ari Lattanzi

"I serve because there is no Planet B."

Kat Lewis

"I serve to inspire change in the community to help mitigate climate change."

Kate Longfield

"I serve because climate change is the greatest threat of our time."

Kevin O'Brien

"I serve because through service we serve not only eachother but ourselves as a people."

Julia Pupko

"I serve to take advantae of an opportunity to engage in community-based conservation."

Alex Reiber

"I serve to provide people opportunites to connect with the environment through outdoor recreation!"

Liz Shields

"I serve to leave the environment better than I found it."

Maddi Shropshire

"I serve because it is necessary."

Kate Wettergreen

"I serve because I want to have a positive impact on the environment."

Rachel Wood

"I serve because access to clean water is a right for everyone now and in the future."


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