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Luke Briccetti

Northwest Regional Planning Commission, Assistant Water Quality Program Coordinator

Luke joins us from Yorktown, NY and is serving as Assistant Water Quality Program Coordinator with the Northwest Regional Planning Commission! A service day in the life for Luke generally involves creating and managing stormwater education content , identifying road erosion sites in the field and managing the data using GIS, or assisting NRPC staff with grant writing and associated project management! Before ECO, Luke graduated from Tufts University in May 2020 and spent last summer working as an environmental educator for Save the Harbor / Save the Bay in Boston. He's excited to create compelling content using data to help improve water quality in Northwestern Vermont this year and to get out in the field and help identify stormwater mitigation projects firsthand! When he's not serving, you can find Luke outside --fishing, hiking, kayaking, herping, foraging, and soon cross-country skiing and ice fishing ...probably any other outdoor "-ing" you can think of too!

"I serve because improving water quality improves the health of our wildlife, ecosystems, and communities."







Lindsey Carlson

Lake Champlain Committee, Education and Outreach Coordinator

Lindsey's hometown is Milford, CT and she is serving as Education & Outreach Coordinator at Lake Champlain Committee! Her days there are filled with cyanobacteria monitoring at different sites around the lake, as well as data entry and analysis for ongoing projects of LCC. Before becoming an ECO, Lindsey worked for the Audubon Society as an environmental educator and for the Darrin Fresh Water Institute on Lake George as an environmental research intern! When she's not serving, you can find her hiking with her dog. Lindsey is excited to be able to work on her passion of invasive species and cyanobacteria research, both in the field and behind the scenes.

"I serve to gain new experiences in environmental conservation and give back to the community"

Lexi Chambers

Lamoille Solid Waste Management District, Education and Outreach Specialist

Lexi is ECO's member serving at the Lamoille Regional Solid Waste Management District as Outreach & Education Specialist. She's from Pittsburgh, PA and spends her service days in the office planning outreach & education events, at Lamoille Soil Composting facility collecting data, or at one of 6 transfer stations interacting directly with the community to increase their grasp of the importance of materials management! Before ECO, Lexi attended Slippery Rock University where she earned a BS in Geology. She's excited to utilize her new knowlege of waste to help the communities be more sustainable, mindful of their waste, and excited to compost! When she's not serving, you'll find Lexi at the gym or biking in town!

"I serve because I believe it is not until we see how fragile our species is to environmental change that we will see how expendible we are to this planet--and at that point it will be too late. We need to start small, join together, and begin humbling ourselves before we expect massive change."

Colin Clarcq

Addison County Solid Waste Management District, Waste Diversion Program Assistant 

Colin hails from Wayne, Maine and represents ECO serving with Addison County Solid Waste Management District as Waste Diversion Program Assistant! His day doesn't start until he's downed all the coffee in the office kitchen and when he's ready to serve he'll move from the kitchen to community outreach for advocation of a zero waste lifestyle! His favortie service days are when he can get out into the community with his supervisor to visit local schools and businesses, giving compost advice and tips on how to properly dispose of various materials. Before ECO, he studied Anthropology at Skidmore College in New York! Colin is an amateur potter and can be found baking or running the trails.

"I serve to create a more caring community."

Amanda Clement

Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District, Community Zero Waste Assistant

Amanda is another Vermont native from Fair Haven! She is currently serving with the Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District. Her days as Zero Waste Assistant entail helping CVSWMD reach it's outreach goals. Before serving with ECO, Amanda earned her Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies and Political Science at Castleton University in 2018. Interested in spending some more time learning about the environment while traveling the world post-grad, she signed up for an academy on sustainable architecture with Earthship Biotecture and helped to build two homes-- one in rural Japan and one in Taos, New Mexico! This year, she's excited to learn more about the waste management system and what we can all do to limit the amount of resources that go to landfills. 

"I serve because little issues can become BIG problems."

Naomi Cutler

Middlebury Area Land Trust, Land, Trails, and Education Coordinator

Naomi is from Ann Arbor, Michigan and serves as ECO's member with the Middlebury Area Land Trust (MALT)! As Land, Trails, and Education coordinator, her typical day could involve teaching young Vermonters about outdoor skills and the environment, managing trails in the area, helping manage the nonprofit, or a mix of all the above! Before serving with ECO, Naomi graduated from Middlebury College and spent this past summer working for the Green Mountain Club. Outside of service, you can find her eating popcorn, making homemade applesauce, and trying to breathe as much outdoor air as possible! Her love language is quality time and being social brings her joy.

"I serve to maintain my community's access to natural spaces."

Leila Faulstich-Hon

Montpelier Parks, Trees, and Conservation, Montpelier Parks and Watershed Steward

Leila is our member serving with Montpelier Parks & Trees! From her hometown of Escazu, Costa Rica, Leila came to Vermont to study Biology and Religion at Middlebury College before joining ECO. There is hardly a "typical" day in her role as Trees and Watersheds Steward, but Leila's service involves collaboration with the city arborist to prune, cut, chop and process trees. Other days, she grooms and improves trails, helps lead the local high school conservation crew in COVID-safe activities, and builds picnic tables. Remotely, she applies for grants, helps finish an interpretive trail project, and plans for Parks summer farm season! This year, Leila is excited for the warm, volunteer-full summer season, to interact with people, improve leadership skills, and think deeply about accessibility to the outdoors and her role in it.

"I serve because our futures, joys, and freedoms are interconnected."

Emma Gwyn

Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative, Monitoring and Outreach Specialist 

Emma comes from Windsor, CT and is one of our second year ECOs serving with the Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative as Outreach and Monitoring Specialist! We are happy to have her back again for another term. Her service there entails contributing to FEMC's ongoing projects, getting out in the field assisting with air quality monitoring, and helping develop programs that will increase public engagement with FEMC such as citizen science projects. Prior to this year, Emma earned her Bachelor's degree from the University of Vermont and served with ECO as the Field Program Technician for the Rutland office of Vermont Forests, Parks & Recreation. She is excited to learn more about the FEMC and take advantage of all of the training opportunities offered to her! When she's not serving, you can find Emma canoeing the lakes and rivers of the Northeast, and when the water freezes over... snowboarding!

"I serve to maintain green spaces for future generations."

Katherine Helmer

Franklin Natural Resources Conservation District, Natural Resources Conservation Technician 

Katherine is our ECO serving with the Franklin County Natural Resources Conservation District! As a Conservation Technician, her service entails soil sampling, water quality sampling, and talking with farmers about what they are doing to protect our waters & what can be done to help. Katherine is a 2020 graduate from UVM with a BS in Environmental Science and spent this past summer before the service year working as a maintenance crew member with a landscaping crew in Colchester, VT! She's excited to tackle projects that focus on fish passage and habitat restoration in Franklin county this year, and spends her free time outside learning to identify trees, wildflowers, birds, and fish species. She also loves to tackle amateur carpentry projects!

"I serve because protecting our water protects our communities."

Meaghan Hickey

Vermont DEC-Monitoring Assessment and Planning Program, Environmental Technician

Meaghan is from Colchester, CT and currently serves as Environmental Technician with the DEC 's Monitoring &Assessment Program! This is her second year with ECO, and third AmeriCorps term, and we're happy to have her back. Before serving, she earned a Biology degree from Middlebury College and spent some time on the Oregon cost tracking spotted owls. Meaghan's typical day involves serving from home to help coordinate the LaRosa Partnership Program, which is a collaboration of watershed associations & water monitoring groups around the state that implement water quality monitoring projects for impaired waters. With the end of field season, she now spends hours assisting the BASS team in the lab with identifying benthic macroinvertebrates, which are indicators of stream health.

*Biomonitoring & Aquatic Studies Section (BASS)

"I serve because there is so much to learn from the environment around us."

Ryan Homeyer

Rich Earth Institute, Research Associate 

Ryan joins us from Camillus, NY and serves at the Rich Earth Institute down in Brattleboro as a Research Associate! A typical day in the ECO life of Ryan involves supporting scientific investigations to better understand & optimize urine diversion and ecological sanitation efforts. He was heading to the Peace Corps until Covid-19 changed his plans--we are so glad his journey brought him to ECO! Ryan comes equipped with research expertise and an MS from Syracuse University. When he's not serving, you can find him running the trails!

"I serve to ensure that excreted resources are not wasted."

Katherine King

Vermont DEC-Dam Safety Program, Dam Safety Program Assistant

Katherine K is a Shelburne, VT native currently serving with the Vermont DEC's Dam Safety Program! Her service there as an ECO entails dam inspections, hazard class verification, and public outreach about Vermont's dams. Katherine was busy before joining our program--she graduated from Colby College in 2019;, did an AmeriCorps term with VYCC Trail Crew, and worked at the Bureau of Land Management in Wyoming as a Conservation and Land Management Intern focusing on hydrological data collection. She is excited to travel around Vermont for dam inspections and to help out with other service projects this year. When she's not serving, you'll kind Katherine biking, skiing, or trying out new sourdough recipes.

"I serve because we are all stakeholders."

Pete Kerby-Miller

Vermont Center for Ecostudies, Mountain Ecology Field Technician

Pete returns to Vermont to spend this service year as Mountain Ecology Technician with the Vermont Center for Ecostudies. Pete is there to empower volunteer community scientists to succeed, and if they are not in the field developing effective sampling protocols, they are behind the computer building tools to help community members explore the valuable data they contribute! Before ECO, Pete split their time between conducting forest ecology research in Panama and inspiring kids with estuarine ecology and indigenous history of the Hudson River. Pete is excited to spend the winter hiking to and then skating upon far-flung ponds. When they are not serving, you can find them poking around the woods with an eye out for the edible and fantastic.

"I serve to surround hate and force it to surrender."

Ari Lattanzi

Missisquoi River Basin Association, Assistant Coordinator

Ari is our ECO member serving as Education & Outreach Coordinator for the Missisquoi River Basin Association (MRBA) and the Upper Missisquoi and Trout River (UMATR) Wild & Scenic Committee! Her service there entails ecological restoration by planting native species to stabilize riverbanks and removing invasive species, facilitation of river recreation on the Wild & Scenic rivers, and education & outreach with the local community and schools. Before joining ECO, Ari spent the past two years teaching high school science in the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota! This year, she's excited to put down some roots and get involved in communities. When Ari isn't serving, you can find her reading or out on an adventure.

"I serve because there is no Planet B."

Kat Lewis

Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets, Agricultural Water Quality Outreach and BMP Verification Specialist

Kat is one of our second-year members who returned for another round of ECO service! Originally from Medway, MA, Kat is serving this year with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets in the Water Quality Division. A typical day in the ECO life of Kat could include Sitting in on agricultural partner meetings to make sure everyone in the state-- both government and local partners-- are collaborating about improving Vermont's water quality. She also puts efforts towards education and outreach to farmers, determining best management practices, and field verification checks to insure constituents are adhering to their grant. When she's not serving, you'll find her outside, usually hanging in a hammock. This year, Kat is excited to travel around the state and talk to farmers about practices they are implementing to help improve water quality!

"I serve to inspire change in the community to help mitigate climate change."

Kate Longfield

Vermont Land Trust, Assessment and Planning Assistant

Kate is another one of our second-year members returning to ECO and we are very happy to have her back! This time around she's serving as Assistant Planner with VLT! Her days in this role involve plenty of GIS mapping, as well as time in the field for buffer flagging, conserved land site visits, or visits with land owners/farmers to discuss the process of conserving land with the Land Trust. Before ECO, Kate graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Environmental Studies during which she also pursued her interests in city planning as an undergraduate intern with the City of Burlington. She is passionate about outdoor and environmental education, as well as mental health awareness and education. This year, Kate is excited to lead riparian buffer plantings and spend long, rewarding days in the field! When she isn't serving, you can find her tromping around in the woods, camping, paddling, making food or making art.

"I serve because climate change is the greatest threat of our time."

Kevin O'Brien

Town of Brattleboro Sutainability, Community Program and Outreach Specialist

Kevin join us from Zionsville, Indiana and is currently serving as Community Program and Outreach Specialist with the Town of Brattleboro! His typical day of service entails connecting community resources to create a more cohesive collaboration for creating continued community resiliency. Before ECO, Kevin served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Zambia with the Linking Income Food and the Environment (LIFE) program. He was also an AmeriCorps VISTA in Missoula, Montana at Missoula Urban Demonstration (MUD) project where one of the programs is a community tool library. This year, Kevin is excited to learn about and engage in ways we can positively make an impact during these troubling times. When he's not serving, you can find him out and about exploring nature.

"I serve because through service we serve not only eachother but ourselves as a people."

Julia Pupko

Vermont Center for Ecostudies, Citizen Science Outreach Naturalist

Julia is our member serving with Vermont Center for Ecostudies (VCE) as Community/Citizen Science Outreach Naturalist! Her hometown is Colden, NY and before ECO, she was working with the Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative. A typical day of service for Julia usually consists of writing blogs, answering community scientist questions, determining the most effective ways to engage with communities across Vermont about VCE's research, and incorporating community scientist volunteers into VCE projects that best fit their interests. This year, she'll be focusing on furthering the Vermont Lady Beetle Atlas Project, which is wrapping up its pilot year. When she's not serving, you can find Julia outside identifying trees, mushrooms, birds, and beetles! Along with service, Julia is also in the process of founding a grassroots organization for deforestation.

"I serve to take advantae of an opportunity to engage in community-based conservation."

Alex Reiber

Stowe Trails Partnership, Stewardship Coordinator

Alex is from Detroit, MI and is currently serving with ECO's new host site Stowe Trails Partnership! As Stewardship Coordinator, his typical day involves outreach and engagement to a variety of trail users, collecting and managing trail behavioral data, coordinating opportunities for volunteers, and maintaining and adding to a 35 mile trail network. Before ECO, Alex served with the Lakes Region Conservation Corps in New Hampshire and even worked at an environmental consulting company in Michigan with a focus on stormwater and drinking water. Among many things, he's excited to learn more about the ins & outs of trail management, develop effective ways to educate trail users & collect trail usage data, and contributing to the maintenance and growth of the local trail network.

"I serve to provide people opportunites to connect with the environment through outdoor recreation!"

Liz Shields

ECO AmeriCorps and Vermont DEC Environmental Justice Committee, Team Leader

Liz comes to Vermont from Newark, Delaware and serves as Team Leader for ECO! She also serves with the DEC's Environmental Justice Committee supporting EJ efforts in the state. Her days involve member and program support, site-visits, communication and networking strategy for ECO, and helping to plan for the service year. Before ECO, Liz was a 2020 graduate from the University of Delaware earning a degree in Environmental Studies and Humanities during which she worked for a local nonprofit as Project Coordinator. This year, she is excited to find new ways to improve communities and combine her passion for environmental health with her love of people by highliting the potential we all have to improve the world around us. Outside of service, you'll find Liz cheering on Philadelphia sports teams, looking for live music to see, or exploring Vermont's lanscape--both cities and beautiful natural spaces. 

"I serve to leave the environment better than I found it."

Maddi Shropshire

Addison County Regional Planning Commission, Water Quality Planner

Maddi is a Vermont native and serves with the Addison County Regional Planning Commission as Water Quality Planner! Her typical day as an ECO may include anything from performing road erosion inventorie and leading volunteers in trail maintenance to municipality plan viewing and water quality testing. This year marks Maddi's third AmeriCorps term --she previously served with Vermont Youth Conservation Corps (VYCC) and once with SBP Disaster Relief down in South Carolina.She's excited to engage with stakeholders across the region this year to ensure safe and healthy water for the future. When Maddi isn't serving, you can find her attending classes for her MBA in Sustainability or rescuing furniture from her puppy! Her favorite hobby is sailing and being out on our beautiful Vermont lakes!

"I serve because it is necessary."

Kate Wettergreen

Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center and Vermont DEC-Lakes and Ponds, Education and Outreach Coordinator

Kate is from Pittsburgh, PA but has spent plenty of time here in VT attending UVM as part of the class of 2020! She is our member serving with the VT DEC Lakes & Ponds on Aquatic Invasives efforts. A typical service day for Kate involves anything from aquatic organism surveys by kayak during field season to mapping common species in Vermont. This year, she's excited about where her service position will take her and serving alongside the other ECO members! When Kate isn't serving, you'll find her hanging out with her dog, hiking up a mountain, looking for salamanders, or attempting to cook or bake something. Her hobbies change frequently, but she mostly loves being outside and exploring new places--especially as the seasons change!

"I serve because I want to have a positive impact on the environment."

Rachel Wood

Vermont DEC- Clean Water Initiative Proram, Best Management Practices Verification Coordinator

Rachel is a native Vermonter from Bethel, as well as a 2016 UVM graduate! She returns to us for a second year with the Vermont DEC's Clean Water Initiative Program! In her role as Best Management Practice (BMP) Verification Coordinator, Rachel spends her service days on three main tasks: BMP Verifications, communications and social media management, and data management. She has also built up the Clean Water Webinar Series to maintain communication in COVID times and increase awareness on clean water in Vermont! When she's not serving, you'll find Rachel in the kitchen baking or trying her hand at homemade pasta. She also loves hiking and being out by the water or just curled up with her cat TC (The Cat, The Cutie) and reading.

"I serve because access to clean water is a right for everyone now and in the future."


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