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Rose West

Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home, Forest Steward 

Rose is locally grown in southern Vermont and excited to be serving with Hildene, the Lincoln Family Home, a nonprofit she was first introduced to in elementary school! She recently received her degree in Conservation Biology from St. Lawrence University; whereafter she was introduced to AmeriCorps through a position with the Great Basin Institute performing rare and invasive plant management in the deserts of Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Back home with Hildene she will be serving on three primary projects: implementation of a woody plant nursery, inventorying trails, and creating a trail nature walk. During the warmer weather, one can find her in the field looking for native seeds of target species to propagate for restoration. Biodiversity, ecosystem health, and land management are all very important to her. Always feel free to ask her about any bird, bug, or botanical specimen you may come across- she would be delighted to identify it with you! When not serving, she continues to assist at Mighty Food Farm, a local organic farm.  

"I serve to inspire concern and care for Vermont’s ecosystems; AmeriCorps has allowed me to explore my interests, take autonomous action, and utilize my passion for conservation to connect with and contribute to my community that is dear to me."

Emily DeAlto 

Lake Champlain Committee, Education and Outreach Coordinator

Emily is from Millburn, NJ and is serving as the Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Lake Champlain Committee! Projects she will be serving on include, the implementation of a stormwater education plan for schools within the Lake Champlain Basin, cyanobacteria monitoring, and other education and outreach programs. Before ECO, she graduated from Lehigh University where she studied Earth and Environmental Sciences. More recently, she served a quarter term with ECO at NorthWoods Stewardship Center as a Riparian Lands and Waters Steward. Emily is excited to continue her exploration into the world of conservation and looks forward to getting to engage the public in her passion for the environment. When she’s not serving, you can usually find Emily taking long walks, “seek”ing (Seek is a wildlife identification app) every plant she passes.

"I serve because collaboration is the first step towards creating a greener future.​"

Dea Devlin 

Northwest Regional Planning Commission, Assistant Water Quality Program Coordinator

Originally hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Dea now serves with ECO AmeriCorps as the Assistant Water Quality Program Coordinator at the Northwest Regional Planning Commission located in St. Albans City, Vermont. At the NRPC, Dea assists in developing, implementing, and maintaining projects relating to water quality for the Franklin and Grand Isle Counties. Water quality projects range from public education and outreach on the effects of stormwater, to using GIS to collate and run analysis on informational geodatabases that identify priority waterbodies in need of restoration. Dea obtained her degree in Philosophy and Environmental Studies at Loyola University New Orleans in 2019 and spent several months volunteering at various sites in Ecuador before joining the ECO team. Dea is excited to identify and implement water system projects in the field and utilize GIS to analyze data obtained in the field. When Dea is not serving, you can find her cooking, hiking, teaching swim, or at the nearest swimming hole.

"I serve to make life better for all living things.”​

Paige Kehoe

Rutland County Solid Waste District, Waste Diversion Material Planner

Paige is a Vermont native and serves with the Rutland County Solid Waste District. Her days consist of helping RCSWD with community outreach efforts and assisting with quarterly data analysis. Before serving with ECO, Paige earned her Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Wheaton College, MA in 2020. She then worked for LabCorp for a year extracting DNA from patient samples for genetic testing. This year, Paige is excited to be back in Vermont learning more about solid waste management and how we can reduce our reliance on landfills.

"I serve because reducing reliance on landfills will lead to a more sustainable future."

Ashley Giron

Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District, Community Zero Waste Assistant

Ashley is originally from Fort Myers, Florida and is serving at the Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District in Montpelier as a Community Zero Waste Assistant. An average day of service varies for her, from collaborating on outreach goals at the office to recycling and dismantling recyclables at the Additional Recyclables Collection Center in Barre! Before ECO, Ashley was taking classes at Vermont Law School to receive a Master of Environmental Law and Policy degree. She has received a B.A. in Political Science at Florida Gulf Coast University and volunteered at a wildlife rehabilitation center on Sanibel Island, FL during her time as an undergraduate student. Afterwards, she worked at Ron Jon Surf Shop. This year, Ashley looks forward to learning how we can improve our everyday choices when it comes to waste, and how she can collaborate with her community in doing so. When she isn't serving, Ashley likes to watch movies, go thrift shopping, and spend time with her best friend who happens to be her cat, Theo. 

"I serve because the environment and species that live here deserve a cleaner world!"


Ethan Dean 

Montpelier Parks, Trees, and Conservation, Montpelier Parks and Watershed Steward

Ethan grew up locally in Colchester, VT and is serving with the Department of Parks and Trees in Montpelier Vermont as the Montpelier Parks and Watershed Steward. His day to day varies from aiding the City Arborist in tree care, trail maintenance within the parks, planning events, or leading the Montpelier Youth Conservation Corps in invasive species removal. Before ECO, Ethan earned a B.S. in Biological Sciences with a minor in Anthropology from The University of Vermont. There, he spent time researching invasives in an Agroecology lab. What he is looking forward to the most about service is learning about land preservation and how to make public lands more accessible to all. When not serving, you can find him exploring the outdoors through mountain biking, hiking or skiing, or inside playing music on his saxophone or guitar.

"I serve to preserve the environment and make sure everyone is able to enjoy the natural world around them."

Naomi Cutler 

Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative, Monitoring and Outreach Specialist 

Naomi is serving at the Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative as the Monitoring and Outreach specialist. She is passionate about science communication and making data accessible to the public. This year, she will be coordinating forest monitoring of Vermont and beyond, assisting with air quality and meteorological data collection, and talking about trees. Originally from Ann Arbor Michigan, Naomi joined the ECO crew last year when she served at the Middlebury Area Land Trust after graduating from Middlebury College in 2020. While not serving, Naomi enjoys perfecting her sourdough pancake, swimming in most seasons, and knitting. This year, she hopes to shear a sheep. 

"I serve to maintain my community's access to natural spaces."

Kate Wettergreen

Franklin Natural Resources Conservation District, Natural Resources Conservation Technician 

Kate is the ECO AmeriCorps member serving with the Franklin County Natural Resources Conservation District as a Conservation Technician. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she graduated from UVM with a degree in Environmental Science. She is a second year ECO, serving last year with the VT DEC Lakes and Ponds program. This year she is excited to explore agriculture, buffers, and water quality a little farther upstream. When Kate isn't serving, you'll find her hanging out with her dog, hiking up a mountain, looking for salamanders, or attempting to cook or bake something. She loves discovering new hobbies, exploring new places, and being outside--especially as the seasons change!

"I serve because I want to have a positive impact on people, communities, and the environment."​

Mel Auffredou

Vermont DEC-Monitoring Assessment and Planning Program, Environmental Technician

Mel is from the Adirondacks in Upstate New York and is currently serving as Environmental Technician with the Monitoring and Assessment Program in the Watershed Management Division of the VTDEC. She spends most of her time either in the field sampling rivers and lakes, in the laboratory processing bug samples, or coordinating the community science LaRosa Partnership Program. Mel served a quarter ECO term in Summer 2021 as a Riparian Lands and Water Steward at Northwoods Stewardship Center. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Environmental Sciences and Policy at Johns Hopkins University and is particularly interested in climate anthropology, environmental justice, and climate adaptation and resilience.

"I serve because large-scale environmental issues require local, community-based solutions."

Jamina Shupack 

Rich Earth Institute, Research Associate 

Jamina drove out from Oregon to join the team at Rich Earth Institute as a research assistant. Beyond making as many pee puns as possible, she has been collaborating on outreach projects as well as getting involved with the community scale urine nutrient reclamation program. Jamina holds a Bachelors in Environmental Science with a minor in Biology from the University of Oregon. She comes to the world of circular sanitation after 12 years as an educator. In her spare time, she can often be found working on a sewing project, cooking for her community, embarking on a bike tour, or swimming in the closest body of water.

"I serve to be a part of a team focused on innovative and hopeful solutions regarding turning our "waste" into a resource."

Alison Spasyk

Friends of Northern Lake Champlain, Assistant Project Coordinator 

Alison is currently serving with the Friends of Northern Lake Champlain (FNLC), in St. Albans. She grew up in Williston, VT and happily returned to her home state after graduating from St. Lawrence University in 2020, with a double degree in Biology and Government. Alison previously served as an AmeriCorps VISTA with Vermont Works for Women, and she is excited to continue serving in her new role, which is dedicated to improving water quality in Northern Lake Champlain. As the Assistant Project Coordinator with FNLC, Alison is helping educate students and community members about stormwater and water quality, collect water sampling on the Rock River, organize community events, and help write grant proposals to state and federal programs for stormwater and water quality improvement projects in the Missisquoi Basin and Northern Arm of Lake Champlain. Alison hopes that her service with FNLC will help reduce pollution from runoff, to ensure that the Lake remains healthy for all its inhabitants. In her free time, Alison enjoys getting outside as much as she can and enjoying the beauty that Vermont has to offer. 

"I serve to ensure that all Vermonters have access to healthy waters and ecosystems."

Abbie Castriotta

Vermont Center for Ecostudies, Mountain Ecology Field Technician

Abbie is serving at the Vermont Center for Ecostudies as the Mountain Ecology Field Technician. She spent her first few days of service camped out on Mount Mansfield helping with the last Bicknell’s Thrush banding session of the season. Currently she is involved in creating outreach materials and field guides for the Powerlines and Pollinators project where she is able to integrate her passion for illustration to help convey information. Throughout the year, she will be leading interns and community scientists, conducting Mountain Birdwatch data collection routes, and collecting montane invertebrate data. Abbie joined the ECO AmeriCorps team to have the opportunity to contribute to the data collection throughout the state and the broader region that is necessary for organizations, governments, businesses, and landowners to make informed decisions regarding land management and regulations. In her free time, you can find Abbie trail running, volunteering at local farms, cooking, and art-making.

"I serve to provide the data needed to drive necessary change and to empower others to step up to the monumental task of protecting biodiversity." 

Sarah Lunn 

Missisquoi River Basin Association, Education & Outreach Coordinator 

Sarah is originally from Georgia, VT, and currently serves as the Education and Outreach Coordinator for both the Missisquoi River Basin Association (MRBA) and the Upper Missisquoi and Trout River (UMATR) Wild and Scenic Committee! Her service focuses on improving the water quality of the Missisquoi basin waters through ecological restoration with native plantings on riverbanks, educating and outreach with the local community, and increasing access for recreation. Before joining the ECO program, Sarah received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of New Hampshire in 2020. She is excited to be back near the community she grew up in and to continue to preserve Vermont’s beautiful outdoor spaces. While not serving you can find her skiing, hiking, or anywhere outside with her dog Pearl!

"I serve because I want to make a positive impact on our environment, outdoor spaces, and community.”

Marilia Muschett 

Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets, Agricultural Water Quality Outreach and BMP Verification Specialist

Marilia is serving with the Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets in the water quality division. She is from Southern California, but recently graduated from Middlebury College as a geography major. After learning about the program from past supervisors and members of ECO, she knew it would be a promising opportunity to stay in Vermont and get to know professionals in this sector. At the Agency of Ag, a typical day could look like serving in the Montpelier office and inputting conservation practice records into the partner database. Other days, Marilia participates in field visits to check on farmer practices that improve water quality and are paid out by several federal and state funded grants. Marilia anticipates deepening her understanding of Vermont landscapes, land management styles, and the balance of farming and water quality. She enjoys exploring Vermont and reading outside, occasionally at the same time!

"I serve to actively support ecological restoration and connect with those affected."

Evan Foster 

Vermont Land Trust, Assessment and Planning Assistant

Evan is from Boxborough, Massachusetts and is serving with the Vermont Land Trust (VLT) as the Assessment and Planning Assistant. Most of his time is spent aiding VLT’s ecologists in various restoration projects around the state. This includes organizing tree planting events, removing invasive plant species, and maintaining instream restoration efforts. Evan will also assist with easement projects by completing remote ecological assessments and creating maps for easement applications. His time obtaining a degree in Environmental Science at the University of Vermont cemented his passion for environmental work. This passion was further enhanced during his year of service through TerraCorps in Massachusetts with the Attleboro Land Trust. Evan hopes to bring his past experience and education to his new role with VLT while gaining valuable new skills. During the winter, Evan will be spending most of his free time on skis in the mountains!

"I serve because we take so much from the planet, and it’s time that we start giving back.”



Julia Pupko

Vermont Center for Ecostudies, Citizen Science Outreach Naturalist

Julia is our member serving with Vermont Center for Ecostudies (VCE) as Community/Citizen Science Outreach Naturalist for a second year! Her hometown is Colden, NY and before ECO, she was working with the Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative. A typical day of service for Julia usually consists of writing blogs, answering community scientist questions, determining the most effective ways to engage with communities across Vermont about VCE's research, and incorporating community scientist volunteers into VCE projects that best fit their interests. This year, she'll be focusing on furthering the Vermont Lady Beetle Atlas Project, which is wrapping up its pilot year. When she's not serving, you can find Julia outside identifying trees, mushrooms, birds, and beetles! Along with service, Julia is also in the process of founding a grassroots organization for deforestation.

"I serve because I enjoy working with community naturalists and providing support to improve their skills."

Lauren Hwang-Finkelman 

Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, Wildlife Diversity Program Assistant 

Lauren is originally from California and now lives in Johnson, Vermont, serving with Vermont Fish and Wildlife as a Wildlife Diversity Program Assistant. She graduated last spring from UC Davis with a degree in English literature and a minor in environmental horticulture. Before serving, Lauren worked as a plant propagationist and restoration technician with the UC Davis Arboretum. Nowadays you can find her assisting botanists and ecologists with field work, assisting with rare bat and rattlesnake inventory, providing outreach, and serving on many other exciting projects. In her free time, you can find her petting dogs, admiring native plants, reading, and writing.  

"I serve to help connect people to the intrinsic value of nature."

Cori Rockefeller 

ECO AmeriCorps and Vermont DEC Environmental Justice Committee, Team Leader

Cori comes from Burton, Ohio to join the ECO crew as the Team Leader! In addition to serving as the Team Leader, she also serves with the DEC Environmental Justice Committee and assists with Environmental Justice efforts within the State. As the Team Leader, she is involved with providing member and program support, site-visits, communication and networking strategy for ECO, and assisting in planning for the program. Before ECO, Cori attended Slippery Rock University where she earned a degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainability and held various positions within environmental organizations on campus. She first heard of ECO from a fellow Slippery Rock graduate and was inspired to join the team. Outside of service, she enjoys hiking, birding, learning about plants and animal identification – really anything that involves being outdoors!

"I serve to make a difference that will benefit current and future generations."

Emma Sandman 

Addison County Regional Planning Commission, Water Quality Planner

Emma is originally from Kentucky and serves as the Water Quality Planner for the Addison County Regional Planning Commission. She will assist with coordinating and implementing water quality planning functions across watershed planning projects, including municipal stormwater and transportation, for member towns in Addison County. ACRPC’s past ECO members have assisted in the MRGP Road Erosion Inventory, sought funding for water quality project permitting and design and supported a community effort to reclassify significant wetlands. Before ECO, Emma graduated from Bard college with a degree in Political Science. She is eager to serve the region by advocating for the health of Vermont’s waters today and into the future.

"I serve to build a more sustainable community."

Carly Alpert 

Vermont DEC-Lakes and Ponds, Aquatic Invasive Species Specialist

Carly is a native Vermonter and serves with Lakes and Ponds: Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation as the Aquatic Invasive Species Specialist. Day to day, you can find Carly performing aquatic plant surveys and monitoring for invasive species. When the snow flies, she’ll be making maps conveying the previous field season’s data, and creating identification materials for VIPs, (Vermont Invasive Patrollers). Before ECO, she received a degree in Environmental Science from UVM, and spent this past spring as an Education Intern at ECHO, Leahy Center for Vermont. Carly wishes to ensure that the beauty of Vermont’s water bodies are sustainable for generations to come. When she’s not enjoying the outdoors, Carly can be found playing with her two cats, PomPom and Nils!

"I serve because I wish to protect Vermont’s precious water resources, ensuring that they thrive and remain sustainable for the ecosystems they serve, as well as for the enjoyment of future generations."

Hanson Menzies 

Northwoods Stewardship Center, Riparian Lands and Waters Steward

Hanson Menzies joins ECO from Bryant, Arkansas and is currently serving with Northwoods Stewardship Center. A typical day for Hanson can vary from erosion control projects, tree planting, seed collection for hydroseeding projects, or trail work. Before ECO, Hanson graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and served in several SCA positions ranging from trail work in the Adirondacks to leading trail crews in the Mojave Desert. Outside of service, he enjoys any form of outdoor recreation and is looking forward to learning how to ski this winter.

"I serve because preserving water quality and wilderness is important for future generations of all species."

Mary Perchlik

Vermont DEC- Clean Water Initiative Program, Best Management Practices Verification Coordinator

Mary was born and raised in Marshfield, Vermont and is serving at the Clean Water Initiative Program in the Department of Environmental Conservation as the Best Management Practices Vertification Coordinator. Day to day, Mary organizes public outreach for the program, conducts field verification of clean water investment projects, and explores the great world of databases! Prior to serving as an ECO member, Mary studied at Oberlin College. She is looking forward to communicating projects with the public, increasing transparency and clarity, and creating engaging materials. When she’s not serving you can find Mary hiking or canoeing, or with her nose in a good book!

"I serve because change happens when everyone chooses to turn their values into action."

Bethany Smith 

Friends of the Winooski River, Volunteer Coordinator

Bethany is originally from Seekonk, MA and is currently serving with Friends of the Winooski River before her final semester at the University of Vermont. She will be graduating with a B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology, concentrating in wildlife. As Volunteer Coordinator with FWR, Bethany has taken the lead on organizing volunteers for the LaRosa Water Sampling project, training volunteers in proper water sampling protocols, and transporting samples and sample bottles all over the state. Other service projects include researching and creating deliverables on using less road salt to improve water quality and building a user-friendly tree species list to aid during planting season. Before ECO, Bethany worked as a teaching assistant for multiple courses in the Rubenstein School at UVM, and last summer she gained useful fieldwork experience working as a forestry research technician as part of the Bird Friendly Maple Project. She is looking forward to furthering her communication and outreach skills while serving with ECO and FWR, as well as the connections to be made in Vermont and the environmental field.

“I serve because all living things, especially those that cannot speak for themselves, deserve a voice as stakeholders in environmental decisions.”


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