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Lake Champlain TMDL Implementation Grants

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently awarded the State of Vermont and the Lake Champlain Basin Program $4 million to implement the 2016 Lake Champlain Phosphorus Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL), which sets phosphorus pollution targets for Vermont segments of Lake Champlain. The Agency of Natural Resources and the Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets are administering approximately $3.5 million for implementation projects that will reduce phosphorus and sediment loads from developed lands, agricultural lands, and wastewater treatment facilities, and restore wetlands in the Lake Champlain Basin of Vermont. For more information on the current funding opportunities below, contact Bethany Sargent.

Development and Implementation of a Best Management Practice Challenge Program for Agricultural Producers

The Department of Environmental Conservation, in close partnership with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets, is requesting proposals to develop and implement a Best Management Practice (BMP) Challenge program for agricultural producers in the Lake Champlain Basin in Vermont. A BMP challenge is an opportunity to incentivize greater reduction of manure and fertilizer applications, as well as priority field practices, by providing a safety net for potential economic impacts and increased educational and technical support. Farmers will try a new or innovative practice by testing it in a field with a control plot to evaluate production differences under a trial system. Compensation for any lost production will be based on differences in yield between the plots and quantified by a contractor. Proposals are being accepted for a contractor who will develop and implement the full program, in consultation with an advisory committee.

Developing Public-Private Partnerships (P3) to Meet the Stormwater General Permit for Parcels with ≥ 3 Impervious Acres

The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is seeking proposals for stormwater assessments to assist municipalities and private landowners in compliance with the proposed DEC stormwater general permit requirements for three or more impervious acre parcels in the Lake Champlain Basin. The project will fund assessments that will effectively and economically achieve the water quality redevelopment criteria for the three or more impervious acre parcel(s), as well as maximize treatment on three or more impervious acre parcel(s) of offsite stormwater run-on and/or diversion of offsite runoff.

Technical Assistance, Education and Outreach for Optimization of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities

The Department of Environmental Conservation is seeking proposals to develop a program to provide technical assistance, based on initial education and outreach, for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities (WWTF) subject to reduced effluent phosphorus limits, with a specific focus on implementing detailed WWTF optimization plans for approximately 3-5 facilities with multiple types of treatment technologies. WWTF optimization offers the potential for innovative solutions to reduce effluent phosphorus loads by adjusting internal operations and process control within the existing treatment works.

Using Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) to Mitigate Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) 

The Department of Environmental Conservation is seeking proposals to construct green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) for municipalities in the Lake Champlain Basin to reduce polluted runoff and high stormflows from developed lands that drain into combined sewer systems (CSSs) and that contribute to combined sewer overflows (CSOs). This project will target GSI to infiltrate stormwater runoff in developed lands draining to CSSs, before runoff enters CSSs, to minimize the risk of CSOs in a cost-effective manner. Eligible projects include stormwater reductions using GSI to CSSs proposed to relieve CSO events, or stormwater treatment for stormwater that is being or will be separated from a CSS under a municipal Long Term Control Plan.

Wetland Easements and Restoration

The Department of Environmental Conservation is seeking proposals to implement priority wetland restoration and enhancement efforts through easement acquisition and restoration, or restoration of existing conserved lands, to attenuate nonpoint source phosphorus in the Lake Champlain Basin in Vermont. Wetland restoration projects will target critical areas where restoration will result in the attenuation of nonpoint source phosphorus, thereby maintaining and improving downstream water quality. Projects may incorporate wetland buffer, river corridor, and floodplain easements and restoration. Design, engineering, construction and planting activities are eligible. Permitting costs are not eligible. New acquisition with restoration or enhancement are eligible, as is restoration on existing conserved lands.