Clean Water Fund

The Vermont Clean Water Fund was created by Act 64, also known as the Vermont Clean Water Act, which was passed by the legislature during the 2015 session and signed into law by Governor Shumlin on June 16, 2015. The law also established a Clean Water Board to administer the Fund. The purpose of the Clean Water Fund is to provide additional state funds to help municipalities, farmers and others implement actions that will reduce pollution washing into Vermont’s rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and wetlands. The Fund is supported by a 0.2 percent surcharge on the property transfer tax on properties over $100,000. The Legislature added a new funding source, unclaimed bottle deposits, which will be effective January 1, 2020. In addition, the State Fiscal Year 2020 Governor’s budget proposes revenues from the Estate Tax, which would be effective starting July 1, 2019 pending Legislative approval. See the Clean Water Fund factsheet and the Clean Water Fund budget process webpage for more information.

Work is underway to establish long term clean water funding sources. See the webpage on developing long term clean water funding recommendations for more information. 

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Public Participation Opportunities

Your participation in the Clean Water Fund budget process will help the Clean Water Board better understand public priorities for funding clean water improvements in Vermont’s lakes, rivers, and wetlands. There are many opportunities to participate, including attending Clean Water Board meetings (open to the public). For more information, see the Clean Water Fund budget process webpage.

Status of Current (State Fiscal Year 2020) Clean Water Fund Budget

The Clean Water Board approved its recommended State Fiscal Year 2020 Clean Water Budget on December 21, 2018. Governor Scott's State Fiscal Year 2020 Clean Water Budget was presented January 24, 2019.

Clean Water Board Reports

Vermont Clean Water Initiative Annual Investment Report

The Vermont Clean Water Initiative Annual Investment Report, prepared by the Vermont Secretary of Administration, is an annual report series summarizing state investments to address priority water quality problems across Vermont. 

Other Legislative Reports