Permit Fees

The Air Permitting & Engineering Section of the Air Quality & Climate Division currently assesses permit application fees for issuance of Permits to Construct and Transfers of Permit Ownership.  No permit application fees are assessed for issuance of Permits to Operate unless modifications to the facility are proposed that require a Permit to Construct in which case the Permit to Construct fees then apply.  These fees are set forth in 3 V.S.A. 2822(j)(1)(A).

Vermont Salvage Yard Program

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) we are taking additional safety measures to protect our employees and customers and are now working remotely while focusing on keeping our normal business processes fully functional.  Please communicate with our staff electronically or via phone to the greatest extent possible since our processing of postal mail may be slowed during this period.  


Permits, Certifications and Applications

Watershed Management Permits

Activities that affect lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, and wetlands may require one or more permits from the Agency of Natural Resources and other agencies.  The Watershed Management Division administers several such permit programs, and works cooperatively with other permitting agencies.  This page provides an overview.

To view permits recently issued by the Watershed Management Division and related notices, click here to view our public notices.


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